The weapons do not require approval

There is nothing masculine than a gun. And it doesn’t have to be combat, because there are there are a lot of men who amuse themselves with hunting, sport shooting or just to have fun and for fun shooting in the yard for apples (mounted on the head unloved relatives). For these purposes now being used not only the usual air rifles and pistols, but more exotic weapons, such as bows, crossbows and even slingshots. Those who value their own safety, pay attention to the starting pistols of the type. Why did we choose these tools? Yes, because for them shopping networks requires no special permissions! In this regard, examples of weapons of this kind became widespread. Therefore, we consider it our duty to consider in detail the most popular guns, so you have an idea of their use.

Crossbow Barnett Ghost 410


Despite its lightness, the sample has an impressive capacity. Such tools are called ergonomic, more simply, «comfortable». With this in all seriousness and without much difficulty you can fill up a bear if you were suddenly alone with him in the woods. And all the rest used strictly for shooting on holidays or during sporting events. Want to feel yourself a medieval warrior, just get a crossbow, go fight, but only with trees.

It’s not heavy, awkward to handle, which deteriorate in the rain medieval buildings, but on the contrary, light, convenient and reliable device with excellent characteristics:

– tension and force – 43 kg;

– initial arrow speed is 125 m/s;

– boom length – 55.9 cm.;

– the minimum weight of the boom – 24 m;

– energy shot – 201,5 j;

– stroke length of the string is 39 cm;

– product length – 95 cm;

– product weight 3,27 kg

For the manufacture of pads of the sample used carbon fiber, which helped to significantly reduce the model’s weight and improve its balance. And yet guns are strikingly high initial velocity of the shot.

The model provided by the guides of the aluminium block system. Shoulders the crossbow spin rubber with special technology that allows you to make the shots smooth, to suppress unwanted vibrations and make shooting virtually silent. And look at appearance! When the weapon looks nice, forgiving of the many shortcomings and disadvantages. But in the case of this crossbow to forgive do not have to.

To enhance the security of the arrow is the defense mechanism of the production of a single shot. It works not only in the absence of the bolt in the trigger, but if the bowstring touches the tip of the arrow. Anatomical example makes aiming incredibly easy: you throw two meters back when shot. Well, about what an excellent sight, I think no need to talk, even play Leon killer.

Slingshot Dankung AIR Sniper

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Only for the layman slingshot – tool school bully. Real experts understand that it is a real weapon of mass destruction. In the right hands becomes an instrument of production of food, because if used, it is possible to deal with wild animals. Well, for sports and entertainment is the best option. Remember the dwarfs-the hobbit. These guys have the slingshot was probably the main weapon.

Approach slingshot too serious. As the material for its production is used aviation aluminum, making the sample has a small weight. Arm – in the form of a pistol. Spears items can be returned. Due to the small width of the spears, the model has very high accuracy. Looking at it, there are associations with any weapons of mass destruction, but not with the classic slingshot from a Y-shaped piece of wood.

Look at the technical characteristics, are more suitable for some Pneumatics:

– weight – 250 g;

– firing range – up to 60 m;

– effective range up to 30 m;

– ammunition – buckshot or balls of steel with a diameter of 10 mm.

Hunting bow BEAR TRAXX


The motto of this onion: «Nothing in excess!» It removed all the unnecessary parts, so it became more convenient. The new configuration frame is allowed to strengthen and to stabilize. This model is additionally equipped with five-pin sight, quiver, five arrows, a compact stabilizer with a viscous, hunting shelf and peep-site driver. The bonus of this «gentleman’s set» is the value of stretch to 79 cm, which makes it available for each adult shooter. Pull it back as you want – the string will not burst. Well, technical data, as always, encouraging. Despite its rather bulky, sporty appearance that looks more like a mountain sled, run around the woods with that bow and the depiction of Chingachgook is quite convenient as it weighs a bit. With such a weapon to beat the beast, and even target the offenders not that interesting, and effective.

Technical data:

– the speed of an arrow’s flight – 103 m/s;

– mass of 1.82 kg.

– length of string – 2,05 m;

– stretch length – 79 cm

Gun start Mr-371


Who doesn’t know the Makarov pistol? It does not happen! The good old «Makar» is one of the most recognizable guns in the fight against crime and injustice in our country. But as to buy a present problematic, smart people made an exact copy of the battle of the specimen of the famous gun. The main feature of the model, is a function of the emission of flame through the barrel during firing, not only looks impressive, but even frightening.

As ammunition in this sample are not terrible live ammunition, and primers such as the legendary «Revelo». At the time, these capsule marked a revolution in firearms. Put them in the plastic clip provided simulators, which have the form of live ammunition. So all grown-up.

Considering the weapon is made of steel, as a material for arm is a plastic. In General, the best guns to scare the bully, in the afternoon with fire will not find. You will Not walk down the street with a crossbow?

That weapon is not only comfortable, speak eloquently of our favorite features:

– product length – 157 mm;

– thickness – 30 mm;

– product height – 127 mm;

– capacity clips – 8 PCs.;

weight without ammunition – 650 g

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