The virtuous life: silence


Speak only what may benefit others or you personally, man; avoid jokes in the conversation.

Ben was not a monk, alone, when he decided that silence is Golden. He was not silent during the conversation, but had an excellent ability is right and proper to find the words. Gentlemen always properly evaluate his manner of speech, but silence can cause difficulties with which Franklin has never faced.

Many men are defeated, drowning because of selfishness or simple ignorance, when trying to establish contact. We present to you four areas of life in which men can be silent with dignity and thereby bring happiness to themselves and others.

Cell phone

Most of our conversations now under way for the ubiquitous mobilise. The first world war was so bloody because the tactics of the artillery battle could not keep up with the development of its technology. Similarly with the cell phone: use it — it’s like walking through a minefield because etiquette mobile communication lags behind technology diffusion. Right to talk on a mobile phone means to show himself a normal man. Here’s some rules of etiquette in communicating via mobile phone:

1. Do not talk on the cell phone, if there is someone who doesn’t really want to hear it.

Remember how in school you and your friends shouting and laughing for no reason? You thought that was the coolest people in the world. Then when all of you turned 20, you’re seen such as the cool students and the thought, «What a bunch of donkeys». Things always seem much more acceptable, when you yourself make them. This explains why people are loud and obnoxious conversations, despite the fact that others are in close proximity to them and can’t leave anywhere. Remember when you feel the urge to say: «Saw the rude guy?» So, don’t be that guy.

2. Don’t answer the phone when conducting a personal conversation.

Don’t answer the phone, talking with another person. There are no exceptions to this rule. Think about it: if now beside you was someone else, would you then immediately end the conversation with the first friend and dramatically drew attention to the new man? Maybe you would, but then you’re probably a fool.

3. Do not use the telephone where, by definition, should be quiet (e.g. in the Church).

There are certain situations in which a respectful silence. Cell phone should not destroy it. Thus, never use them at funerals, weddings, classes, Church services, theaters, museums, etc. Even if you have the phone rang (don’t even have to pick up the phone), it demonstrates to others that your conversation is more important than all the other reflections that are in the room. It’s kind of a manifestation of arrogance.

Better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you a fool than open it and dispel all doubts. ~ Mark TWAIN

The service workers

Today men are often in a hurry, they are exposed to daily stress. These disorders are often «out» the people who are working in the service sector. Feeling day laborers in normal life, these men see their interactions with people from the service sector as an opportunity to finally become king and someone to lead.

How to be silent and be pleasant klientom

1) don’t take your anger at someone who is not the source of your problem

An ignorant person is one who vents their frustration on people close to him, regardless of whether this person is a source of problems. This guy will yell at the waiter if the food gets a little balance. He will yell in the Department of computer service, because his computer broke down. He would yell at the person behind the counter that sells tickets because he was late, and the plane was not wait. Save your outrage for the real causes of your problem, especially if this reason is yourself.

2) don’t talk on a cell phone as if your companion is your employee

Some people say on a cell phone while making an order or pay him. These people believe that the staff — just the machine. They also believe that the person they are talking on the phone, does not deny that it from time to time ignore. They are wrong in both cases.

3) Have some patience

In Italy people take a long lunch for some time as there are meals which are prepared slowly. In Russia the men leave when their onion appetizer is delayed for 5 minutes. These men believe that paying for lunch is 250 rubles, they can behave like kings. But it is at least unethical.

4) All wrong

Before you are going to scold someone for bad service, put yourself in his place. The waiter slowly executes your order? Maybe someone poured water and the waiter fell, while carrying your dish, and maybe one of the cooks called in sick. The waiter can make all efforts, but that’s not always enough when it depends not only from him. We never fully know what happens in the lives of others. Inattentive Barista just filed for divorce. The shop, which can not calculate the amount of your purchase, not herself, because her child was in the hospital. You never know, so let these people to relax a little.


The attractiveness of Internet is that it allows you to communicate much quieter than all other methods. Yet it also means that communication on the Internet very different rules of etiquette. Blogs are full of errors and outright nonsense, as if people compete to see who can invent the most disgusting and pungent thing to later to Express it. This serious form of incivility creates a hostile atmosphere that interferes with constructive dialogue.

a) Never tell a stranger on the Internet something that you hadn’t told him personally

The Internet provides anonymity under which people do not hesitate to say whatever came to mind. Do you remember a proverb: a word is not a Sparrow. Spoken words become our property. Never write something that will allow you to be proud of written and relate these words with your real name. Before you were rude by email or in blog comments, stop and ask yourself: «would I have Used those words if the man was standing right in front of me?» If not, rephrase your message. Think before you put something into the network. Such a small thing, but it can make the Internet a more accommodating place.

b) don’t attack people

Of course, you can disagree with others ‘ ideas. But don’t attack people that are behind these ideas. Many users of blogs to leave comments only to finish the debate with the words «You idiot!». Some will do without argument. The use of personal attacks adds nothing to the conversation and only shows that you can’t say anything reasonable. In the end, everyone has their opinion.

c) do Not expose someone’s ideas

Online postmodernistic deconstruction thrives. Many Internet users spend energy, looking for gaps in every idea that comes across their path. Cynical to be easy. The chronic faultfinder does not create anything, he was straining just to destroy people’s ideas. There’s nothing wrong with criticism, but be constructive. If you have nothing to add to the conversation, it is better to sit quietly and not open my mouth.

d) don’t be vulgar

Nothing shows immaturity and lack of education as excessive vulgarity. While in ordinary conversation can slip «salty» jokes on the Internet too much, it just profanes the very essence of a bitter word. Because of the information glut on the Internet men feel that they should write their comments in a language that does not allow them to get lost in the verbal sparring. But if such amendment is necessary to attract attention, then you have nothing meaningful or worthwhile to say.

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