The virtuous life: frugality


People have less to save. At the end of the month many of us are surprised to discover that the next salary in a week, and the previous one is ended. Where, well, where are your money, even if you don’t buy anything serious? And the nonsense that you do not attach importance to.

I once watched a program in which the financial guru gave the audience tips on how to plan a budget. One of the advisers said that people should abandon the everyday luxury, like the daily trip to Starbucks and instead save the money to invest in something worthwhile. One of the women in the audience stood up and shouted, «what if I don’t want to give up Starbucks?» The hall roared in approval and clapped.

But history teaches us that too much luxury makes a nation weak. Take, for example the Greeks and Romans, which shows us what happens to a nation when the people allow prosperity to let the Genie frivolity and debariloche.

Unfortunately, modern people have forgotten about how important frugality is. But if a person wishes to remain financially and emotionally independent, frugality is an essential advantage, which it should develop.

Why a frugal life necessary for the person

Frugality keeps you from bondage

Think ins do when you are in debt; inyou give another powers over inyour freedom. ~ Benjamin Franklin.

Our society is mired in debt. Personal debt is slavery. And, importantly, the debt will never disappear by itself. If you’re unable to pay its obligations on the loan, it will simply destroy you. Many of those who declare themselves bankrupt, do it with some serious reasons such as serious illness, but most were because of excessive spending finally ruined them and led to a complete financial collapse. Of course, bankruptcy gives these people the chance to start a new life, but it is quite expensive.

Debt can destroy you as a person. In the end, he will take your freedom and dignity. Avoid debt like the plague. Answer for myself to myself — and be obladali complete freedom, and frugality will give you peace of mind.

Frugality is free you not only from debts, but from the burdens of excessive consumption. Think about how much time you spend taking care of their things. Reducing the number of things in your life, you reduce the amount of time it takes to care for them. Thus, you’ll have more time to focus on things that are really important to you in this life.

Thrift develops self-discipline

Self-control is the key to success. Thanks to the knowledge of the rules of cost management, you will be able to develop your self-discipline. The ability to distinguish between short-term desires and immediate needs, as well as the strength to forget about those desires which cannot yet be performed, is distinguished by a real man. To run to the store as soon as you wanted something, — do only children. Maturity means the ability to live within its means. If you’re inclined to make spontaneous purchases, work on yourself. After a while you will see that you will be easier to fight the urge to buy something. Self-discipline in financial matters will help to develop self-discipline in other areas of life.

Frugality helps to be confident

«Do we not know that myselfaboutthe respect comes from uverennostandAbdul Kalam

Frugality will benefit not only your pocket, it will also nourish your sense of independence and self-esteem, because you will really be able to rely on yourself. I mean, when was the last time you did something repaired or adjusted. How did you feel? Must be very good. One of my friend guy recently broke the washer. What does one usually do in such cases? Take the unit in for repair, call a technician, and even throw out broken equipment and buy new. But the man was not simple and decided to go the hard way. He googled your problem and in some forum I found, how to fix it. Tried — and succeeded! But it was a designer, and not even a mechanic. What can we learn from this story? First, the type save money. Second, he learned a new skill. Thirdly, it pumped his ego: he made the washing machine work, dammit!

Before boys were taught from childhood a variety of useful things: how to change the oil in the car, to put together a rack, to fix the faucet. But over time, it began to make less and less. So you’ll probably have to spend time to find a way to solve your problem. But trust me, it’s worth it!

Frugality will help you better know yourself

You are not your job, your money, your car, your wallet. And your fucking hacks. ~Tyler Durden, Fight Club

In a consumer society imposed on us that we are what we buy. Consumerism says that everything you buy that you have sends a signal to others about who you are and your values. If you can find out who you are, walk to the nearest shopping center and buying clothes, music, or furniture that will give you the desired identity. People can spend their life savings to buy the next thing that we are trying to impose as steep.

Frugality makes you face to face to face with the fact that you are not what you have. Instead of artificially to confirm their own value and relevance with the items purchased, frugality requires you to look beneath the surface. Taking the decision not to spend money on something that will make you feel better, you can start to spend time, developing good habits and traits that will help you to be better.

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