The virtuous life: a brief overview

Benjamin Franklin

Our site has published 14 columns devoted to the virtues that are considered important for every man Benjamin Franklin. In our days the word «virtue» is more associated with the feminine side of life. Modern boys often explain the absence of the virtues themselves that «they’re just guys.» However, men also need to improve ourselves and to strive for self-improvement. It is time to restore the connection between courage and virtue.

In this post we will give you a brief overview of the columns of the virtue. I hope this series was useful to you and inspired to improve. So, let’s begin.

The lessons of courage: a message of Benjamin Franklin on living a virtuous life

From this column started the whole series. It talks about what Franklin saw the purpose of moral self-improvement and how he had elevated him to achieve thirteen virtues. Franklin was a special notebook, where he celebrated his progress at the designated qualities. He recognized that this uneven success in each of them, but nevertheless felt progress and become happier now that I worked on myself.


Don’t eat too much to stupor, don’t get drunk drunk.

Franklin began his list of virtues with temperance because it helps to develop the self-discipline required to achieve the other 12 virtues. Moderation helps men to refrain from abusing food and drink. Keeping their needs in water and food, you’re sure to cope and to improve themselves in other areas of life.


Speak only what may benefit you and others. Avoid empty talk.

We live in an era of constant noise and chatter. Etiquette and good manners are not keeping pace with development of technology and rapid changes in culture. We looked at the virtue of silence from a modern point of view – in its application to the mobile phone call, service personnel and the Internet. A man should know when to speak and when to keep my mouth shut.


Let all things lie in his place; let each case be the time.

If you want to own this world, you have to learn order. But the laws of physics tell us that the universe and everything in it tends towards chaos and disorganization. Man must fight against these natural laws, following the path of least resistance. But even if you follow certain systems, it is possible to cause an even greater imbalance. Instead, make minor changes, each correcting a sign of disorganization at the moment when he appears. Do it now.


Think what you want to do; do what you decided.

To decide means to determine exactly what you need to do. In this column, we turned to the example of Alexander the great, who conquered tyre, to illustrate, which means the men’s determination. Based on this example, we have determined four ways to become more decisive.


Save the money but to do something good to others or yourself, i.e., waste nothing.

The Russians have little collected. They spend more than they receive. In this context, the current Vogue for thrift. While the Internet is becoming more and more blogs on how to learn to save, all wisdom can be expressed in one sentence: spend less than you earn.

Hard work

Do not waste time. Always be busy with something useful. Avoid useless activities.

Hard work has always been a matter of real men. However the hard work out of fashion. Today people are looking for ways to avoid heavy work and exerting a minimum of effort to any activity. In fact, the work on the conscience is useful in the first place for yourself: it teaches you how to assess their strength. In this column we explain what work is useful, and suggest ways of rational organization of labor.


Don’t lie; the thought innocently and justly and if you speak, speak accordingly.

In the modern information environment is dominated by lies, gossip and sarcasm. Sorry, we can observe how these standards from the Internet leaking into real life. In this column we discuss how gossip, sarcasm and lies can hurt you and others and how to avoid it.


Don’t hurt anybody and don’t avoid the benefits that you rely on the law.

All men that you admire, stood up for the weak. Our society is mired in apathy, and peace is stronger than ever, we need people who will fight for justice. Orientiruyas, you’ll be able to develop a sense of justice and what areas of life will be able to apply it.


Avoid extremes; do not respond to injury as rapidly as they seemingly deserve.

Want to make your life and receive from it more fun? Society will tell you that «more» is the answer to your question is; more money, more women, more fun – see the key to satisfaction with your own life. In fact, the secret to a rich life – restraint. In this column we offer five tips on how to practice restraint and to receive from life thus more fun.


Do not tolerate any impurity on the body or on clothing, nor housing.

While many believe that love of purity is exclusively a female trait, the reality is that neatness develops in a man the attention to detail, discipline and order. Of all virtues, purity is the most volatile: its standards are constantly changing throughout the existence of mankind. In this column we talk about the history of cleanliness and give advice on every day: how to keep clean house, clothes and body.


Do not be concerned about trifles or accidents, which cannot be avoided.

Modern life is full of annoying moments that brought us to rabies. Anger control – the ability of a true gentleman. Be quiet useful not only for the mind but for the body. We talk about peace and offer five ways to control himself and lead a more peaceful and measured life.


To satisfy the lust for health and the continuation of the offspring, but not from boredom, weakness, not in order to ruin someone’s reputation or to disturb the peace.

Of all virtues, a virtue perhaps the least popular nowadays. We live in a society that glamorizes and exploits sex. Sex is everywhere: online, on television and in magazines. But the idea of sex is cheaper, and from the sacred act he turned into a commodity to be bought or sold. In this column we consider the harm today’s sex-oriented culture.


Be like Jesus and Socrates.

The typical image of a courageous person is full of self-confidence bordering on arrogance. It seems that humility does not fit in this image. However, the greatest men in history were the most modest people you can imagine. Humility is not weakness, not obedience, not self-abasement. Humility means self confidence and understanding that your actions speak for themselves. After we think about the legend of Achilles, we are discussing five ways to cultivate humility.

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