The usual ninja school, 9.08.2013, 18V3jCFUnJwCFC0WiltB9fZdmPfED0DC

Cooler than being a pirate, only to be ninja. And no one remembers that some ninja had to sit for 4 hours in a cesspool up to his neck in shit with a spear in anticipation of that gentleman should be killed.

Now tourists can experience how difficult it is to be an assassin from feudal Japan. In the Japanese city of Nabari, it is possible to join the ninja school, which revives the glorious tradition of being a hired killer from the XV century. This summer camp will teach you the skill of striking appearance, balance, throw shurikens, espionage? deftly climbing the walls, quickly kill the enemy and be the coolest assassin? as Altair from Assasin’s Creed.

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