The uprising classmates

manygoodtips.com_29.01.2015_NSZRm9VS5iCwrDude, it is ready for the first Saturday of February? Surely you already know that you will have to wait. Because contact Vkontakte went unloved former classmates. You with tears in his eyes to promise that more never will meet with his class in full force, never without need not cross the threshold of the school, who took your childhood and a little of his youth, and in return is not reached and a small portion of the knowledge you possess.

Even if since the release of your class passed the first five years, you have to understand that you are complete strangers. We are sure that in school you don’t really complain of his classmates. That is why we want you to realize the fullness of the inferiority of the upcoming weekend.

1. Your business

If you unexpectedly became party to the discussion of the imminent drinking spree strangers to each other people, try to stay away from srach and inevitable disputes. At this stage you need to inform about your possible presence in this unnecessary for you event.

I’ll start a discussion where everyone should meet, what restaurant to go to celebrate, then it turns out that all attractive locations are already occupied… in Short, you should not touch it. Let him take all the initiative in their hands, the most important for you – learn about the endpoint of gathering, where you will come in this spectacular Saturday night.

2. What to wear

If you are not a woman, it does not mean that you will not think what to wear. You have to resist the urge to outdo his classmates and buy a costume that is absolutely pointless to hang on a hanger in your closet the rest of my life. Why fake it in front of them? Because then your bones will wash up next week for lack of more interesting topics of gossip.

We think that preppy shirt with jeans straight cut would be sufficient. Be prepared for the fact that your Bank card will lose a good amount. You will need to chip in on different nonsense, and you won’t leave feeling that somewhere you still cheated and took too much (all as in school years). Only no need to reach into a flower shop for flowers for all the classmates, if you don’t want to become the object of cheap flirtation. Another thing, if you guys all decide together to chip in and make aging women pleasant.

3. What should I tell my friend

Probably for my mistake you ever tell her about your first sexual experience with a classmate. Yes, it was stupid, and you might not care about what it used to be, but your friend is not exactly still. She did not miss a deaf ear to any story that relates to your cock. And the reason for your naivete regarding the sustainability of its nervous system.

If you are lucky to have a friend, then she’ll probably let you go without another scandal on the ill-fated high school reunion, because well aware that you have not lived all these years in the hope that in the end still fuck already melt fat churchwarden.

There is no need to take the girl with you. I hope that your classmates understand that it is better to leave the satellites for a few hours in boring loneliness than to make the reunion an awkward sort of gathering alleged Swingers.

4. How to behave

For his calm first, assess the situation and make sure you look presentable enough on the background of the audience. All of you understood it himself, not necessarily talking about successful business and passionate girlfriend classmates. It is better not to embellish reality.

Even if you do life is good, and the details of your way you just keep asking, it is better not to go into details. Just give to understand what you really are happy with their lives, and change the subject to the fat waitress. Oh, wait. After all, this is the warden guys.

Even if you’re incredibly lonely, you still under no circumstances do not try to taxi to the pharmacy for a pack of hussars. Trust me, you don’t need a pain in the ass with a desperate stranger woman. Be sure to thank the hero lover will spread among all the residents of the existing school.

Calm and some degree of indifference will help you get away from this farce. Do not take this event too seriously, don’t let nostalgia get the better of your feelings. Certainly among these people you have a couple of friends with whom you still maintain a very warm relationship. So, go to the reunion with the idea that you finally get to see my friends. Give them a great evening, because together you can evaluate present upstarts and hypocrites.

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