The unsung heroes of dark tales

Sometimes history look like an endless parade of blood, terror is unacceptable and senseless idiocy. It is these stories often become the reasons for writing books, filming movies and other heroic bluster.

However, some stories are not as extensive for the epic praise, but less epic they are not. Here are 5 stories of human heroism, which do not amount to shed rivers of blood and mountains of money earned.

Chains jazz in Japanese

Incredibly unfortunate fate of the immigrant, when he, in search of a better life for themselves and their children, moved to another, more developed country. But as evil, after some time, his ex and the new Fatherland come into a state of war, and his posterity, for which was a planned move, it becomes a hostage situation. He hates the neighbors, because they see him as an enemy and murderer of their children, despite the fact that the settled citizens in this conflict is strongly supported by host country. But unfortunately, their names sound very foreign, and thanks to the propaganda from extraneous sounds and images and smells hatred. Much worse vessels Lynch, arranged neighbors, only punitive measures from the government. Try to prove that you’re the son of immigrants, native language and culture (because the parents did not know how to raise a child anyway), not a spy and not working for the enemy! Experienced it on their skin, the Volga Germans, guilty of only being born at the wrong time in the wrong country. Their ancestors came to Russia in the 18th century, but the NKVD did not care genetic memory could Wake up any one. Faced with this American Japanese during the Second world war.

February 19, 1942, President Roosevelt, gradually Cohibas after a loud blow of the Imperial aviation at pearl Harbor, had signed the extraordinary Decree No. 9066, which gave the authority to the Ministry of defence to Intern with the West coast inland all Japanese. In the camp were placed about 110 thousand people, the last of which was allowed to return home until March 1946. The US President was thinking almost two months. On the one hand, in the US, home to a large Diaspora of the enemy — the Japanese, whose loyalty was questionable. On the other — America, even during the war wanted to remain a democratic country. To solve the dilemma Roosevelt helped the ancient document — the Law of hostile aliens passed in the 18th century during the war with the French.

Most went to the Japanese front-line of the Pacific States. However, to his fate they were understanding, and some tried to prove their loyalty to the American government. Over time, established a division of the American Japanese, but that’s another story.

Most went to the radio operators, technicians and people with higher education. As in all times, had less confidence. One of them — George Ishida, took with him to the camp in Arizona only a saxophone and a big stack of discs the then-fashionable jazz and swing. In the end, he gathered together those who could more or less decent to play, and assembled them for Asian-American Jazz Orchestra, which released the cult for many collectors album — «big Band behind barbed wire». For them it was not just a chance not to go crazy, but an attempt to show sympathy for America. And America took this album, this music, these people, but just as quickly forgotten.

A suffragette who knew JIU-jitsu

Frankly, few people like and loved suffragettes. Quite a controversial move: on the one hand, they launched the process that eventually gave women the right to vote and, in General, forced to recognize them as part of society, and on the other, they achieved this quite violent, can say dangerous methods such as arson, assault, bombings, vandalism and common crimes.

Nevertheless, it was a very dangerous and effective movement that is able to throw several police officers just in the process. All this thanks to one member, Edith Garrod. As an experienced member of the WSPU (the»Women’s social and political Union»), Edith used to observe how her colleagues were beaten, imprisoned, force-fed, and sometimes even killed by the police. But she had a secret — she knew JIU-jitsu, and at one point taught this art to their friends.

In fact, Garrod was so popular that some talented people out of love for her recruited to a secret group «the Amazons». Their mission was simple: to protect Emmeline Pankhurst, the founder of the WSPU, from arrest and possible «accidental» disappearance. Armed with sticks, concealed under their dresses and picked up under not attract attention dress armor, made of wool and cardboard «Amazon» showed a serious force. When the police covered Pankhurst during one of the meetings, 50 brutalized «Amazons» kept the big police squad, their leader managed to escape.

Residents of the town who collected the personal belongings of the victims of the disaster

One is not the most beautiful day of 1988, residents of the small Scottish town of Lockerbie had to encounter such horrible phenomenon of precipitation of small pieces of metal, personal belongings and fragments of the body. It wasn’t the biblical punishment of rebellious people lost in sin cities, and the consequences of the tragedy with Boeing 747-121 of Pan American airlines, a flight PA103 on the route London—new York. The explosion killed 259 people on the plane and 11 bystanders on the ground. Who after that he hid under the bed and in fear, shaking in the fetal position, someone hurried to leave the city, but they were few. Most of the residents went to the generously showered their fragments, to extract from them personal belongings of the victims. No, not in order to sell them on eBay (again, it’s 80 years). Just to satisfy the families of the victims.

In order to store tens of thousands of fragments and finds, scattered over two thousand square kilometers, the townspeople built a warehouse. From scratch. Any items that had no judicial value, went there. But they couldn’t just pick up and convey them to the families of the victims, most of the items were frayed and charred, and it could only be harder to hit native. They had to make them presentable. Using conveyors, washing machines and dryers, ironers and other devices, citizens have restored a countless number of scattered, charred and often blood-stained clothes. Often they looked, so that even the unsuspecting person would’ve puked. They have carefully Packed: wallets, notebooks, rings, and countless other items.

Later the relatives of the victims reached to the place where was carried out the tragedy, and met kind people who helped find them in the improvised archive of the last lifetime belongings of their loved ones. As is often the case, tragedy was the reason for the warm relationship between the town residents and relatives, and, most surprisingly, this relationship is still not stopped. Anyway, with Christmas, they greet each other still.

The priest, who died confessing the victims of the Titanic

Thomas Bails was beloved Reverend modest British of the parish of Chipping Ongar. The congregation adored him, and when he received an invitation to the wedding of his brother in new York, they even helped pay for his trip to an interesting boat. What kind of boat? New ocean liner called «Titanic». You know, it was for the journey, and how it might end.

It would seem, relax and enjoy the ride, but there is no father Bails continued to do my job to the very end. One morning Bails celebrated mass for second-class passengers, telling them about «a spiritual lifeboat that will lead us to God.» Unfortunately, this information is useful to the same day, but later, when the ship starts to sink.

The priest reportedly had a lot of options one of the first to leave the sinking ship on a lifeboat, but he refused. Instead he helped others and made his way to the stern, where trapped over a hundred people. All this time he professed, even after the water rose to her waist. Here is a heart was. Perhaps if he was killed by the iceberg came to him to ask for forgiveness, he forgave him.In the end, father Bails sacrificed his life to save others and comfort the panicked passengers of different faiths and religions. Pope Pius X proclaimed him a Martyr, and now seriously considers the question of attributing it to the saints.

Children who have made life in the camp like a tour

In 1940-ies of the Imperial Japan, slowly but surely seized control of China. Introduced a really draconian measures. Children who are not lucky enough to be caught by a Japanese patrol, went to a special reservation like boarding schools. There was strict rules that are not explicitly accounted for like spoiled children English engineers, who worked in China. The food was disgusting, and for the slightest offense should be corporal punishment. In General, all as in their home elite boarding schools only punish the Japanese.

Among this idiocy quickly organized a group of girls who behaved as if nothing had happened. Through the power of. Not because they were dumb, just that it was the only chance not go crazy. They drew homemade crayons made of charcoal and ash, sang songs and staged competitions, whose burns out the fire of the latter. Unfortunately, it was the only chance to warm up in the cold barracks.

In the end, this forced the courage bore fruit, and many who joined this little act of survival has been released.

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