The University of your dreams: Hard Academy Rocco siffredi

The porn industry is a living, breathing and sweaty body. The characters are people of flesh and blood who are too tired to make the grimaces of pleasure, more like the emotions of the mother monkey, and shake their «sweet» places in front of the cameras. After all, they want to go down in history not because of the size and ability to pleasure yourself orally, and to be remembered by good deeds. Only here to plant a tree, help grandma across the street – it’s too small. Still, people of show business, they need scale, because they’re actors. Let the «deep genre», but actors. So there is an urgent question: where to go, because everyone’s looking in your soul, and your genitals and do you remember what you did with the actress that is full of saliva and tears video. Apparently, therefore, the aging legend of a member of the brotherhood and vagina Rocco siffredi went on such a serious step – it opens pornoriviste.

Who knows, Rocco is a legend in the industry. People who own 27 centimeters and excessive artistry has left its unusually deep impression. Ask his teammates how deep. Siffredi is one of the most popular actors in the history of porn, johnny sins the beginning of zero. Popular only Ron Jeremy. His fame has long gone beyond the limits of the porn industry, making the actor celebrity. Rocco even invited to appear in advertising and art house. And Krasnoyarsk musicians even called his porno-funk group in honor of the Great – «Rocco».

And here is the «porn block» opens in his native Italy first University in the world where anyone can learn the profession of porn star. Ask Putin, he will tell you that change needs to cook for myself. Here is Rocco and he took. Who-who, and he knows what to teach the young and green enthusiasts.

The course is appropriately titled «Hard Academy» will last for two weeks. Short, but interesting. Such VGIK is not taught.

Since Siffredi takes that very seriously, training in the «brothel of science» will remind the learning in any University. There will be lectures and seminars which, interestingly, will be broadcast as part of a reality show in Los Angeles. Still, people are porn-soaked cynicism through and through, even educational shows do.

Rocco puts before itself a noble aim – the aim to give new life to Italian porn industry, which somehow got lost under the barrage of commercials with a little of the Czech Republic, the average of France and great America, and, most importantly, not to allow the young to repeat his mistakes.

«I want to share with the world their skills. Humility and irony – key moments in our field. You will not be able to be a porn star, if you take yourself seriously».

Rocco Cifradure, have you wondered where to apply. But, unfortunately, the course dialed, so you’ll have the chance to go there next semester, and while preparing the documents. I am sure you will come to the first pair.

To get into the Academy very difficult. Rocco received thousands of applications, but selected only seven men and fourteen girls, although of course, more than half have written for fun. The actor had to arrange the entrance exams, so prospective students appeared in the test scenes, because everyone is destined to earn their sweat and erection. They will go to the first school shooting in glorious its pornotrailer Budapest. Hungary has given the world many cheap and popular porn Actresses. And remove it, by the way, cheap.

It is clear that the actor fucked it up for PR than for a good purpose the preservation of professionalism in the genre. Reason courses last only 2 weeks. 2 weeks even terrible Russian porn shoot will not learn. Siffredi has not removed, but to earn a living is necessary. What can Rocco, but to impress fans of the genre? And nothing. The art house is also not often called. To stand up for liberal principles, as they capitalized Sasha grey, or to go into politics, as they capitalized three times Cicciolina, he doesn’t want, so enterprising the stallion decided to pass on his expertise to young successors, of course, money. Porn has at all times been and probably will be extremely lucrative business. However, the network got the video where Rocco enthusiastically tells the basics of the skill. And rightly so, since I took over, come to it responsibly. In the video, He says that choke and torture have fun, tea, not the best.

Informed of the porno actors had not been taught. Or have talent or not. The rest will learn in the course of work. Taught is that operators which plan should I take, how to build a composition, to exhibit the light, and that courses in a couple of days. Who knows, maybe soon in the Academy Rocco opens new office, which will train operators. And then the writers will start to learn, and the genre will Shine with new colors, and the copulation of two people will look not only for fun, and stories will truly be more interesting than woody Allen. Grey-haired genius will record the «Vicky, Christina, Barcelona» in more explicit tones. Actually this is the film most wanted to see.

Good luck. God forbid, effort Siffredi in the films easy virtue» will be the highlight that will throw up the genre to a new level. While the Japanese do seem to have a longer.

By the way, at the Academy learning not only Italians, but also fans of «strawberry» films from around the world. By the way, among the participants of this event Alina Yaremenko, Russian winner of the «Porn Oscars».

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