The United States bought for the army thousands of the latest models of smartphones.

Bro, Oh, these Americans, they literally rage with fat, if you think so.

The U.S. Department of defense plans to equip mobile devices on iOS and Android.

Before this, the US army, proudly flaunted by phones of the brand BlackBerry. Now the products of this company will replace for your iPhone, iPad, and Android device.

Initially, the Pentagon plans to buy a hefty 162 thousand devices. In the future, the number of devices in the service of the Ministry of defense will increase to several million.

So far the crucial question is: which brands will deliver Android-based device, because these brands very much. Here’s a really vital question, friend.

However, it is not necessary to sneer about the products Apple, calling the us military the majors, from the point of view of security it is very good. The Federal aviation administration of the USA some time ago approved the use of the iPad to view the flight map on the number of phases of flight. And this is really a measure of reliability.

In addition, some experts believe that although the iOS is outdated in terms of entertainment, but security still all good.

The reason for the change is that the operating system is RIM’s Blackberry is also very good in terms of security, but what will happen to them next is unknown.

Bro, even a little jealous of the Americans. But we have a beautiful and spiritual Chicks

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