The unbearable futility of existence


Hi, and its inhabitants. Please help with advice.

I’m 22 (so quickly and stealthily approached the figure) I from Donetsk. My issue is the futility of existence. Everything was too sweet, there is some incentive or something. The days monotonous. Work, home, evening at the laptop screen. How to diversify your gray life?

I feel like a geek-a homebody who foolishly spends his time on trivia.

The answer

Hello, dear friend. Thanks for reading us. We love our readers and always help your friends. Want, we will send you a hefty Abdurrahman looks doubtful that will beat you with a club on hand when you try to do the little things? They certainly take a lot of time, so dear friend you have to learn the dark art of driving by unnecessary things. So-so. Just take it and score. Leave time only on those activities that will respond to you and a kind word. Just strumming aimless surfing on social networks, and you’ll see that much need in this. All of these routine and boring «fillers of time» appeared in your life just because it’s the most time there. You should spend it for the benefit of the soul, even with the damage to the liver.

Now the next step: how to diversify your gray life. Man, we wrote off not one vordpressovskih document, talking about different Hobbies and activities. It is desirable, of course, is that this is a hobby out of your interests. Even if you do what you love in slavery, life will seem like a holiday.

If everything is already fed up, and start to do something new, let a fresh breeze in a musty window of their everyday life. You can do self-development, for example, to learn the language on their own or to master some skill, whether it’s drawing or playing a musical instrument, or discover a new sport. Read more books, boring writers love to make money, advising and instructing. Among them most often caught outright crap, but we suggest exceptionally precious and semi-precious works, without dross and nonsense.

Every day we have to do the same thing: Wake up in the morning, drink tea, eat, ride the bus, lunch in the same place, in the evening to watch the same show.

To get a feel for the diversity of life, you need to change all old habits, or at least most of them on went on the bus – take a walk (at least part of the way), in General, try to stay at home less. There is nothing stopping you from seeing friends, except yourself. Socialize, have fun, communicate. Life is unfairly short to waste it on melancholy and stuck in the Internet.

Think about what you write in your biography? And he lived until he died». Ugly and boring. We know that you have in the city is quite normal hectic life is where to go, what to do and what to drink. This is the only recipe to change your life. Remember the movie «Always say Yes»? So, start also to speak to all around resounding «Yes». Maybe you’ve met your Zooey Deschanel, but their portion of new impressions and acquaintances you haven’t met. And it needs to stop wasting time on the little things and to do what was listed above. No one except you, your life will not change.

It’s like a videoblogger. Why are they looking at? Because they offer something new, his eyes on the viewer interesting things. So, your job is to be a spectator and blogger and try all these things myself. Start something new in my life right now!

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