The typical excuses we use to continue to have


Are is unworthy. There is need only when you’re hungry. Or for the holidays, or to reward yourself. But in any case, remember that our body is the nasty bastard that will get us to consume what we do not want. Recognise yourself in these excuses? Urgently correct these omissions, man, we’ve solved the deceit of your body!

1. Today I’m going to get drunk, and drink on an empty stomach is the best way to drink

The best way to drink, man is to drink. In the process of drinking can a little snack, but it is better and simpler just to limit myself. Just in case.

2. I’m not drinking tonight, so I have room for extra calories

Dude, the evening after six it not time calories, it’s time to eat! And it does not apply exclusively to women office workers, this applies to all who live on earth. Can drink milk, a protein shake after a workout, but the evening — time workouts, and not eating. Consider this. And who said that you need more calories?

3. You’re thin, you know you need to eat more

Everyone stores fat a little. Only if you’re lean and overeat, it is stored, how shall I say, uneven. I have one friend who thought he can eat all you want, because he’s skinny, he has a perfect metabolism. After two years of indiscriminate diet after uni dude’s not that fat, but he all of a sudden there was a small vile belly, which stood out against the background. So it is with every man who eats anything. Such errors we have a separate article.

4. You’re fat, nothing will help

Some bro was trying to lose weight, but then broke and continued to eat as usual. In desperation, they tell everyone that I hate the gym and can’t lose weight («I tried everything»). Some add vulgar comments in the spirit of «big bones», «genetics» and «hormones». In fact they are just fat and can’t lose weight properly. One of my friend also assured everyone that can’t lose weight at the gym for more than a week did not stay. Bought a bike rides almost every day for forty or fifty miles. Fat doesn’t look quite now!

5. Now holiday I celebrate

But it’s not a reason to get drunk like a pig. I have long held, but last New years I was waiting for some kind of salvation. January for me is still the month I have birthday, New year, Christmas and many reasons to eat. But after January, I realized that I had gained 5 pounds! Hell, five pounds, I just got hit on the head with something heavy! Now every holiday, I try to keep myself in hand, at the same time still fulfilling the rule of «festive». By the way, this paragraph made me think to write a guide on how to properly eat on the holidays without gaining weight.

6. It would be rude to order a salad when everyone around me eat hamburgers and drink beer

Rude to whom? Friends? Well, max, reprimanded, man!

7. When you are sad, calories don’t count

What nonsense is this? The calories will not make you happier! Okay, eat one candy, and go to the gym, that the gym will definitely help!

8. I worked late, so you need to replenish calories

Man, you really think that two to three additional hours will drain you so much that you can’t raise your hand? Go to sleep, just go to sleep, in the morning you have Breakfast on the belly. And have lunch too.

9. Disgusting I ate today. Need to eat better

What kind of compensation, man? What’s the point? If you sing badly, all at once collapse? Eat well tomorrow, life enough!

10. I ate today. You can still


11. Today is Friday. I need to relax after a long working week

In fact, if you make Friday the fast day, as personally for me, everything is logical. But ahead of Saturday and Sunday that are sure to seduce you.

12. It’s a Saturday. Need to eat something that will make my weekend

I told you!

13. Sunday. I have a strong hangover, you need something to eat

I can say, «I spoke!»?

14. The only thing that can get me through this Monday — harmful, sweet or maybe fatty

If you make it through this Monday without «stimulants», your balls will be more!

15. Your friends pressured you to go sit in a cafe

And there’s donuts, all sorts of cakes, croissants and other Goodies. You just couldn’t resist! You can order a coffee and drink it.

16. You’ve never been in this place before and want something special

In fact, absolutely true!

17. You go on a diet tomorrow, but today should be good-bye with the usual diet

So it’s «farewell» may be delayed. To know yourself. Do it right now!

18. I just want to eat

Be patient!

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