The types of selfies girls do

manygoodtips.com_10.04.2014_Znb8yPuqJzJVxDespite the fact that the self is condemned on the Internet almost as the main female and not only a sin, all the girls has ever done a selfie. If you go to the account of any girl in Instagram, with a probability of 99% you’ll meet at least one picture in which girlfriend she took my picture. Girls are prone to narcissism, it is important how they look because appearance is their main weapon, on which they place their bets. Faster worthy of condemnation accounts, where there is nothing but pictures of food, cosmetic and body parts. This is a very high degree of narcissism and narcissism that causes us to recall cherished the term «TP».

Today’s article is devoted to photos of myself that are most often found in accounts of girls. We will tell you what they say about friends, why they are made and why such a photo is not original. If a girl has pictures of all these types, you know what to call it, but don’t be too hard on the ladies: all their oddities are explained by the education and what the hell are they, Madam.

1. Sweet life

In a nutshell: the girl on the background of something that she can’t afford, but she found and put it in there while no one sees. Roots this habit is rooted in a desire to show the world that a person lives well. Or looks to those who live well. It is almost the same as to take the whole family on the wedding limousine to show the whole city what Ivanov’s family can afford it. Photo need to collect comments like: «OMG, where are you?» «Beautiful, live beautifully!» In General, any selfie you need to review.

2. A picture of the body with a good angle without a head or with the head


The girl is saying to us: «I Have beautiful body, I can and should choose!» Often such pictures are found in women who consider themselves very sexual and want to tell the world about it. More often they are doing those who does not consider themselves as such, not like himself at all and don’t like about yourself. And thick, of course. Girl convinces herself that she is beautiful, slender and not fat. The more body photos in Instagram or in other social programs of the girl, the more she’s unsure of herself. Girlfriends taking pictures of themselves with the good side and resort to tricks to make the photo look better than in real life. Girl puts legs to hide the fat on the hips. Body twisted in a special way to show off that thin waist, and the fat collected. Photos make from this perspective, the breast of the girl (as the priest) looks incredibly tempting. About all those tricks you can read in the article about iroh.

3. Photos in the spirit of «I’m going to go the whole hog» or «I take everything from life»


The girl was going to go somewhere (makeup, hair, dress) that would hint to us: she’s going to go for a walk, to do lewdness with a friend and do things that will not be ashamed in front of parents. The photo is intended to show us that the ladies are very nice and live it more interesting than mere mortals. In General, it takes from life. These self need only to show that the girlfriend it’s all good. Photos from the party on the parade and the weekend should not be a selfie, some of the subscribers at heart doubt: maybe all this just staged? If we see further photos of the evening, most often it is limited to snapshots in the arms of her friends on the background of the bar. Among the photos kind of a special kind. You can call them «We are already on his knees in the mud.» The photographs show the apotheosis of the action: smeared mascara, red face alcohol, cigarettes with suspicious content and other questionable things. The next morning the reflex to take pictures, apply filters and quickly put the result in Instagram makes those who like to live life to the full to be disappointed and wonder what all have seen their shame.

4. Without makeup at home


Photo girls without makeup in home clothes and collected hair. Aims to show that the girl without makeup is good, and so naturally beautiful. Also conveys a warm and homely atmosphere. Sometimes accompanied by a photograph of feet in Slippers: pier and complete relaxation.

These photos often included the girls in social networks. They have a few disadvantages, which girlfriend is often overlooked. First: some of the pictures are so contrasted with their casual appearance, it seems that they are two different people. Second: a huge number of clever tricks, help the girl to look good. The most common technique — the light in the face, which makes skin a perfect white, concealing acne, red bumps with a morning person.

5. The fitness selfie

The girl in the gym. I bought a beautiful sports clothes, tight pants and halter top. His whole appearance, it shows that it is very beautiful and she doesn’t need to swing, but still is trying to work on myself and generally clever. The more girls pictures from the gym, the less she was doing there, and the more it is prone to narcissism. The pictures are meant to show the world that the lady involved in fitness, even if it’s hard, but I try. But it is fashionable and makes a beautiful ass. Everything else can not swing, right?

6. The girl with the guy

The photos show all that the girl has a boyfriend. Real. Be jealous, bitches! There are girls who are very dependent on relationships: relationships are highly important, and a lonely girl they think is a loser. Need photography for all to see: her love, relationship and everything is fine. Traditionally, such photography collected comments in the spirit: «Such a beautiful couple!», «My favorite!» and a parade of emoticons and symbols. Are accompanied by a number of similar hashtags type #sublineage and #meusa.

The worst kind of such photos — a girl and her veteran of the friend zone. Accompanied by captions like «Brother!».

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