The types of girls we should see at least once


Some guys have a certain type of women they choose. This can be a student, a vulgar girl with a vulgar sense of humor, handsome, childish girl, liar, collector plates or a simple girl who is waiting at home with dinner in an apron. But some guys, including myself, try not to stick to any particular type. Maybe it’s because we have a desire to try everything? But in any case, I advise you not to choose according to certain standards. Are you sure at all that this type of girl suits you, which you yourself invented there. The brother of my good friend always was looking for simple girls who admired him and sat at home with a hot dinner and children on the benches, but as it turned out, like women impressed our hero, and he just wanted something right. Variety, that spice of life! Today we will tell you about those girls you should definitely try, provided of course that you have already tried them.

1. Alpha female

It can be not only «attractive girl in the class of issue 1997». It can be the girl who is constantly trying to become a master in your relationship. She may be older, richer, and know a lot of interesting gadgets in bed, have a doctorate, children and a mortgage, which she pulls alone that year. I don’t think she needs a long-term relationship, and she always has a positive attitude to what you’re trying to bond with her son. But her experience and Mature beauty is very useful for a young passionate College boy. Don’t waste a taste in the future. Love this in 30 years as a… infantile.

2. Homebody

You introduced a friend of a friend of a friend. Honestly, hard to remember what it was, but it makes no sense to remember the girl that remembers everything! She is an incredibly social and loves the company of people and gossip. But don’t expect hikes in all kinds of festivals and drinking in the bar till dawn — she does not like it. Here to cook a bunch of nishtyakov with maintcom and invite a bunch of friends to his home — she’s happy. You like her, because it avoids conflicts and dramas, and streams of care, her wavy, leave in your soul a warm and homely feeling. Homebody good relationships, not one night. One night it just enough harawata, trust me! In a relationship with her, there is a drawback: after some time you will find yourself growing order of a man who wants to marry. You will be less to disturb the routine and office work will not seem so unbearable.

Often stay at home with absolutely nothing to talk about, do not think that this eternal student is sincerely supporting you all the way and also sincerely split your relationship. It is not only boring, but boring is contagious. Homebody will be meeting your friends with smiles and cakes, not think that these emotions are sincere, just as it is, and she deep down does not like that one with her housing thumps a dozen men, after which will be a lot of dirty dishes.

3. Hot girl from the festival

You met her at some big festival rock, indie-punk-metal or something. And here you Wake up with a wild headache with her. On the pillow of her gorgeous hair, and under the covers toned dancing body. It has been chosen once a year for some «Cuban», partying all the time, is not even random, but absolutely randomnum sex, and then with quiet soul goes to its Perm or other cold city.

4. Your friend

Your mind and fly always thought she was a boy or even a creature without gender. It was always fun and cool, it even seriously be called a bro. But after a strong intoxication to Wake up in bed. Oops! Of course, with her you can be fun and cool. But what if it doesn’t pull? And so ends the friendship.

5. Strange girl

Of course, it may not be like the heroine of this article, but still it cannot be called least common. This girl could work on a voluntary basis to any non-profit organization, or a penny in the children’s centre or any centre for cultural growth. Sometimes it can work in the field of art, such as in a theater decorator. In any case, she’s… unusual. She can be very affordable or quite the contrary: its boundaries will be protected cooler of some medieval citadel. It is unpredictable and can not manage, so she can easily refuse a date because she has rehearsal. Instead, she got a kind of instinct, which can be called «women’s intuition». She can only drink Chinese jet black tea and do not drink alcohol. And can drink with cheap wine from the supermarket with tins of jam. Instead of sex you can have yoga and tantric sex. In comparison with all the usual girls, such a person is like a breath of fresh air. But they are not always suitable for a relationship.

6. Girls who are not suitable for a relationship

Your boss, a girl from work, coach, ex that broke your heart… a Married girl; crazy face; the girl you hated; empty glamorous kitty. Let them not build anything, but these girls can give you the idea of what it should be like the PERFECT woman.

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