The tuna sandwich


Once the guy from our newsroom bought in a cafe, a sandwich with tuna. Rather, he ordered it in advance, while drinking coffee and eating a lot of food, overestimated their strength, and he had to take a sandwich with you.

In the morning he remembered the sandwich and put it in the microwave to eat. When our hero plunged his teeth in namku, he suffered all the torments of hell and, despite the fact that he was very economical bro and treated with respect to any food, threw the sandwich in the trash the minute. And the reason is obvious: this is a sandwich I eat only cold. Today we will teach you how to make a proper tuna sandwich.

To make one sandwich you will need two feathers of green onions, a few capers, dill, tuna in its own juice and special bread for sandwiches. Oh and mayonnaise of course.

Crumble into a large bowl onion, capers and dill. As small as possible. Lay there still and tuna and mix all of this husband’s best friend — mayonnaise. Leave it for an hour in the fridge to steep.

Now fry special bread for toast on both sides in a skillet without oil or use a toaster. Put the tuna paste on the bread and put on top of another in the same slice. Place all beautiful… or convenient. Before you is a real man’s sandwich with tuna, very useful.

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