The truth in the smoke — ritual Smoking of cigars

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Lately smoke cigars all and Sundry, it is fashionable and prestigious. Brand cigars, as well as the model of the car or cut of the suit, evidence the taste and human well-being. However, not enough to buy a cigar, it should be able to handle. Here comes a peculiar moment of truth.

How to save a cigar

Cigar — this product is very capricious. If not properly stored it may dry out and begin to crumble or, on the contrary, to soak up the moisture that it would be impossible to smoke. In addition, the tobacco readily absorbs odors. To the point where you are going to cut a cigar, she was still able to deliver the «sweet delight of an exquisite fragrance», it is necessary to provide special storage conditions. Specifically, is the temperature of air of 18-20 degrees Celsius and a humidity in the range of 70-72%. Humidors — storage boxes for cigars — just create such conditions. Made humidors, generally of valuable breeds of wood, covered on the outside with varnish, and inside install a humidifier and temperature gauge. By the way, the easiest humidifier is a piece of sponge dampened with distilled water. And for short storage of cigars is quite suitable aluminum or glass tubes, and special cigarette case.

The secrets of circumcision cigars

To properly cut a cigar is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Of course, we are talking about the hand-rolled cigars as cigars made by machine, are already at the end of the hole needed for a comfortable time. Hand-rolled cigar consists of filling, which gives the necessary form, and fix her binder leaf, then wrapped with a cover sheet. Part of the cover sheet, the so-called cap, on the end of a cigar cylinder plays the role of a bridge, holding the entire structure from deployment. It is therefore important to perform the necessary cap hole and not cut it completely.

If you properly trim a cigar, then any pleasure from Smoking will not get: or tobacco in their possession will climb in your mouth, or thrust is insufficient, or, conversely, excessive, and in the worst case, the cover sheet will just turn around. Here is to smoke nothing at all.

One of the main rules — the edge cigar should always be proportional to its thickness. Thus it is necessary to cut only a portion of the cover sheet without damaging the binding sheet and the filling. Whichever way you cut the cigar, the cut must be clean and large enough to maintain uniform traction.

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Which end to start

The vast majority of hand-rolled cigars are sealed only from one end. As a rule, to find a point of application of their efforts is not too difficult. Another thing, if you got curly cigar, Belicoso, or Perfecto like, sealed at both ends. In this case, you need to pay attention to the paper belt, or, as it is called, bow. It is usually located closer to the end, which you want to crop. If the bow, for example, is missing, you should choose the shortest cone-shaped tip.

The arm

For cutting cigars invented a few special devices. However, some smokers are ignoring these achievements of engineering thought and is used to trim a pocket knife, and sometimes even teeth. Of course, you can bite off the tip of the cigar and famously spit it somewhere in the corner, but in a decent society this should not be done. It is better to use a miniature device with the gloomy title «guillotine». Acts precisely on the same principle as its more bulky and bloodthirsty ancestor.

Guillotine are of two types: single and double-edged. The second is considered more effective, as two razor sharp blades make a smoother edge, not crushing of the cover sheet.

You can also purchase cigar scissors, which are different from normal only Crescent-shaped cutting edge. To cope with cigar scissors are not harder than with a regular manicure. Such a tool can trim a cigar of almost any format in it its advantage before gelatinase in which «entrance hole, so to speak, of the average size.

Another invention of humanity smokes with a noble title bullet-cutters is a miniature punch. Simply put, it is a metal tube with sharpened edges at one end. In a sealed end of the cigar rotational movement is cut a round hole, then got inside this device, the tobacco is removed by the ejector spring. The lack of punch is the same as in guillotine: the size of the crop is fixed and may not be sufficient for large cigars. However, according to rumors, has already appeared punch with interchangeable nozzles of different diameters.

The cigar cutter is not a clever device, and your personal experience. The famous Winston Churchill, they say, cleverly used to match their expensive cigars, and has smoked he made them for his life a huge amount. So practice in this case is of paramount importance.

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The bustle of the cigar sees. This fully applies to her puffing. First of all it is necessary to leave the idea of jump-start from petrol lighters, matches and sulfur wax or stearin candles — they are hopelessly spoil the taste of tobacco their pairs.

Ideally, a cigar puffed long matches, do not contain sulfur impurities. However, does not exclude gas lighter, give a small flame.

Once you have acquired cigar matches or a gas lighter (preferably special), you can start puffing. But before it is better to eat well, Smoking on an empty stomach rarely fun.

So, it is time for cigars. Hold it in your hand over a short flame at an angle of about 45 degrees and slowly rotate until the tip is completely tardeada. Only after that one can slowly make the first shallow puff. As argued by one of the world’s most famous cigar connoisseurs — Zino Davidoff, the cigar should not be primed too quickly or too slowly.

But to run the smoke into the lungs according to the classic rules is impossible in any case. Though among the «cigar authority» there are people dragged on the cigarette. Here, as they say, a matter of taste and, probably, the availability of health. Especially if we are talking about the strong Cuban cigars.

And last: you should not backout cigarette in the ashtray — do not understand-with.

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