The truth about Xiaomi

Poradi.s.ua_22.04.2015_emrpB5DJIDRMbWe all have a biased attitude towards technology marked «made in China». However, there is one modest and very nice company that tries to destroy this places an unfair stereotype. This office should pay attention though, because some of the most radical «oracles» are predicting that it is «little rice» (this is translated from Chinese company name) is destined to lose the throne of «Apple» of despots and interface extension machine.

By the way, just a couple of weeks ago, «dragon» in the market of mobile services celebrated its first polyubila – 5 years. Well, as people work in Xiaomi is not stupid, they know that the best gift can make you. During flash sales in honor of the anniversary she was able to complete the task – to sell at least 2 million smartphones. Just 12 hours it sold 2.12 million mobile devices for a total of $335 million

Also, clever Chinese managed to realize in the day of the anniversary 38 thousand TVs, 200 thousand fitness trackers and 247 thousand electrical cords. It tells us that the company expands activities beyond the production of smartphones.

To deny the power of Xiaomi’s silly, but it is worth considering that, in contrast to those of Google and Apple, Xiaomi does not invent and does not develop anything new but only takes and adapts existing technology, processing them except that its a proprietary design.

The secret of success

A reasonable question arises: what is the secret of success in Xiaomi? It is very simple. The company skillfully combines high performance and low cost. This result was difficult to achieve, but proper selection of component manufacturers, the use of inexpensive, but quality materials did their job. And don’t forget about the basic fact that it was in China. And the stigma «China» clearly speaks about the used labour force.


With the future of the «Chinese Apple» is also okay. The company is moving in the right direction, because in the last time are actively engaged in online Commerce and creates a local online shopping because it is the least expensive and most effective way to distribute products. Besides, enterprising office not limit yourself by trying to go beyond the mobile niche and engage in the production of other goods, such as televisions. And there will be!

Nice comparison

You might ask, what are the merits of these Chinese upstarts compared to Apple? Yes all is very simple: in Asia, around their products to emerging serious excitement, and the number of preorders is not much inferior to «Apple». Thank you is to say the flagship Xiaomi Mi3 which just blew up the public with its performance and quality. They do whatever the phone, it is a masterpiece. That relatively recent Mi4 is one of the best smartphones in the world in performance.

The leader any ship comes to success, if at the helm is an experienced captain. So, CEO, founder, inspirer, the largest investor or simply a person, without which Xiaomi just wouldn’t be the manufacturer, which we are seeing now is a Lay of June. By the way, deserve a special mention Parallels that hold between Mr. Juno and Steve jobs. Indeed, analogies can be carried out almost everywhere: clothing style (remember that Lay appears in public wearing blue jeans and dark shirts), manner of speech and even biography. The Chinese media during the entire name is juna «Chinese jobs», and June, I think, and not much against it, though disingenuous, asking to compare Xiaomi with Amazon, not Apple.

The Xiaomi Tech team is working another very bright person – a former senior Google employee Hugo Barra, who holds the post of Vice President and will be helping to establish access to foreign markets. June knows whom to call in the team. Although it is unlikely that Barry had a lot of cajoling.

Facts and tips

And finally a few facts that allowed the young and daring brand to rise to a technological mount Olympus. First of all, of course, it’s honest, sometimes not very good, selfless labor. And then a number of factors, as a Supplement.

Lei Zun and the entire senior management of the company, work 12 hours a day for the past few years. Similar to mode try to stick to the other managers of the company.

– Mobile firmware MIUI is updated regularly once a week. The developers are trying to accommodate the wishes of the user received in the last 7 days.

The first smartphone Mi-One, turned out to be a very problematic device and needed repair. Xiaomi did not remove the phone from the market, but instead opened a chain of repair shops under its brand, where to carry out repairs of defective phones. This decision brought the company a significant boost in popularity, as all the streets of Chinese cities were filled with signs with the Xiaomi logo.

manygoodtips.com_22.04.2015_iQKALBFfPVoE1Lei Zun thinks that iPhone is the best smartphone on the planet, but believes that the time will soon come when phones will offer roughly the same technical characteristics, design and application set, and the only criterion in choosing a smartphone will price, then the Xiaomi smartphones will be the best on the planet.

In 2015, Xiaomi is planning to fully enter the markets of the following countries: Russia, India, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Turkey. Due to this invasion, sales of smartphones may reach 100 million

– To reduce operating costs the company advertises its products through microblogging, social networking and meeting enthusiastic like-minded people. However, in 2013, the two opened their own «offline»shop in Beijing where you can buy the company’s products.

– Xiaomi is one of the few companies that actively obshatsja with their users-fans. Just recently I had one of the fans gatherings (and gatherings they have colorful, interesting, in General, everything, as the saying goes, «the rich»). Management believes that users should be treated, as good friends, and then you can get the appropriate returns. For example, about 1200 users tested the smartphone Xiaomi Mi2 before its release in 2012. In addition, a significant portion of «fans» Xiaomi be the programmers and the company allows them to contribute to the development of the same MIUI – branded firmware for Xiaomi devices.

– By the way, they have conceived a new project – a smartphone for$50.

Lei Zun believes that prices of existing smartphones much too high, at least in half. This situation contributes to a varied retail outlets. According to Leah for the foreseeable future, all manufacturers will be selling their devices exclusively through its own stores, which should significantly reduce the price of the product to the end user.

It will be interesting to see the brand through the years, so 7. Indeed, if we are waiting for the confrontation between Xiaomi and Meizu, or we are still many years will observe «Apple-galactic» race.

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