The truth about steroids and other things lying duck

steroidsPeople who chose their profession to train other people to those well looked — a whole breed. They all have typical features, however, and representatives of other professions. I have some time, are seriously engaged in the gym and more or less done enough of this here in the fitness industry. So friend, there are three things that should be treated with special attention.

1. Steroids

This is a very popular theme among bullies. Separate ones so smart that even asking the coach, would he sell them a little bit of steroids. Though I watched this many times and not even two!

So, what is the problem. Not in the people who take steroids. The problem is that very few people know about them. To be enlightened heartily suggest you watch this documentary «bigger, faster, stronger»: the theme is good, score it high.

As for me, it’s just like a laugh, when professional athletes say to do anything to win, and then sincerely surprised that those use drugs. What are you waiting for? The world will always be full of idiots. These guys really don’t understand why it’s considered normal to drink from the milk protein isolate in powder form or swallowed by nature invigorates caffeine three times a day, but to take vitamins for the best results — it is banned. Stupid ducks!

So, the problem of steroids is that they are very little reliable information and a lot of wrong information. But on every corner write: «you Should eat more protein, more, more!» And then lean by nature guys are buying cans of protein powder and start to feed them and hang out in the gym. After a month they see no result and stop doing.

What will happen if you want to sit on steroids? Now I’ll tell you. What you have is acne, small balls, and bulging veins. Although you never can tell: on them are constantly working to improve them, so signs may not be very obvious.

What should make you suspicious? Veins everywhere, even on his knees, they crawl through the body so ugly mesh. A huge number of muscle, and if the complete lack of fat. Dudes that can swing up to States 6% body fat, accounted for only 1% of the population — just think about it! And what percentage of this percentage has been in the gym?

In General, it is always difficult to say for sure. Listen to your instincts. There is a difference between «Wow, that’s ducks» and «Wow, this hunk can really bend a rod, as if it were some sort of staple.»

2. When there is a significant result

Why it so happened that our society is focused on immediate result. More precisely, not reason, and for very specific reasons, which in this text is simply no room. Let me give an example that shows how that is an unreasonable expectation.

Well, here I am sitting at a Desk in the newsroom in front of me computer, and I write this text. On my Desk now, there is also a phone, dictionary, disinfectant gel and other miscellaneous stuff. I can get on the spot? Can order food (pizza or sushi) can hang (I have Internet!), can in the absence of the patience to have sex (well, sex… well, porn to look). I don’t even have to lift your ass off the chair. A lot of options, right?

Society destroyed our ideas about what is success in any field. Not only exercise, but all in all: business, women — we no longer understand the true value of patience.

To see results, it takes time. Years, friend. We don’t want to grab his head and round eyes. The feeling that you feel, reaching the results may be different from your expectations. First, the transformation is gradual, you can’t Wake up and find yourself a juicer. You will not notice how transformirovalsya. Second, because the result does not come immediately, you should be able to enjoy the process.

What I want to tell you? Don’t compare yourself with rykaczewski giants right now, will do it after a year of training.

3. It is also in genetics

Genetics — not the whore of imperialism is in the past, friend. Genetics is real, if you haven’t noticed. Someone is lucky more, someone less, and this is the harsh reality. If you think that you are cheated nature, think again: who can consider you lucky.

Life is a curve. You know what it is? The law of normal distribution. Here both words — key: «normal», and «distribution». Almost everything we do, all our actions, including genetics, subject to this law. Most of us is somewhere in the middle, and a very small percentage of the population in front of and behind us. We are all about the same manner.

There are people who can eat anything without gaining weight or per gram, and there are intreste that no diet. There are those who are shown in the gym a couple times a week, spends an hour and looks like a God. Genetics is a bitch. Someone lucky, some do not, and those who are not lucky, whatever you do, never be in good shape.

Depression? Well, not so bad. Super cool data is rare, so it is absolutely laserscope body type — the exact same rarity. And even in such hands, exercise and diet won’t hurt: thanks to them, the body will become stronger and healthier.

What I am sure about is the fact that Pro fitness lie when they say that such success is possible. Not everyone, friend. And they are not muscle size pot for the soup was very important.

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