The truth about interviews


I have a friend who after graduation worked for a year. He sat at home, worried, but didn’t work. I tried to cheer him up with stories about how hard it is, how young he is and how much he still has time to have fun and to find yourself. All around are telling us that the labor market is shit, and people with higher education go to work in the fast food chains, to somehow live in this world, at least to buy a «Doshirak».

The truth is that the labour market is crap and unemployment is also shit. I would not have liked to live with their parents when I have a degree and a resume full of completed practices. Job search is hell. The last time I found a job within a week, I was lucky. But sastopamas in an unemployed status for a long time. And what happens then? Different circles of hell. I will write about this in today’s text.



It is a favorite word for all those who currently have a job, when it comes to employment. «You just need to pull strings! You need to find the right people and their friends!» Easy, isn’t it? Not so. Communications only work when the people with whom you have a connection, i.e. connection with other people who have connections with those who offers suitable work. To find work with communications as difficult as it was difficult to Wade through the preliminary proposal. Of course, is a wild luck, when you call someone and he have a cushy job for you, which is waiting for your diligent and hard-working ass. And then there was another pleasant moment to get a job through connections. You come to the interview knowing that you asked for. Everybody is looking at you intently, and you’re afraid to fail the man who put in a good word. It’s hard not to look like an idiot when trying hard not to be an idiot. You know what I mean.


In my opinion, the labor market is so lame, because all employers want an employee with experience, and the experience they need at least two years. I’m always honest and try to qualify for a position not above my level of training. But what the hell you need from the grass-roots employee’s three-year work experience? If it was me, fuck I do not give up such a low paid job! It’s despicable to claim from beginner dudes career experience that allows you to get somewhere in a more beautiful place. If they do not understand. It’s like, what to take to kindergarten fifth-grader, because he has five years experience teaching. In short, it makes no sense. Well, where will I take this experience, if without it no one hires me? Seriously, people, you can’t have the cake and eat the cake. You know what? In this case, you or not eat cake, or eat it. Maybe my cake is the most delicious of all, and you don’t even try, because, probably, I am eight years old and I don’t know how to write correctly, graduated from the faculty of Philology. It seems that you think that way.

Unpaid internship


If so try to do this to me, I refuse. It is despicable. Do they think I walk and eat the air? I, too, settled.

Interview preparation


Dear employer, I really want you to be ready for the interview. At least for a couple of minutes before my appointment reviewing my resume. I read all about your company, I visited its website, I found out about you, friend, about your Hobbies and Pets (in case we move away from the topic of work and talk about something interesting). I beg you: don’t need the first five minutes of the interview to spend on something to explore my resume — most likely, for the first time, trying to figure out what kind of a goose sat down in front of you. It makes you look bad, and I feel uncomfortable. When a potential employer is familiar with my resume, I feel almost special. At least now I worried for reasonable cause. But when I read my summary for the first time — is rudeness.

I once had a case when the first question in the interview sounded like: «do you Have any questions?» It was weird. The interview is designed to have you ask me questions, and I’m in the process mentioned, what I want to ask — so usual. Otherwise I got the feeling of complete failure.

Ongoing communication by phone


I understand. You are an important man, you all need, you have a job, and I don’t. But seriously, why can’t you allocate 20 minutes to listen to me — the person who may be working with you side by side? Constantly look at the phone to make an update every minute, to talk without interruption is rude. Rude. I know this is no news, but how many times I came to the interview and saw this picture! My potential boss pays more attention to inanimate objects than a living person who sits in front of him and he’s OK with it!

Why your company attracts me

«It’s simple. First of all, the opportunity for career growth, personal growth, salary is just right for my age…» — sometimes I think I’m right where I begin to quote the «Trash».

Let’s start with the fact that I your company no draws. The only reason I know it exists — a site with vacancies, where I found your among all others. I know how to Google. Maybe it’s also worth pointing out in the summary? Me this company is nothing special, not interested. Just need to work somewhere, because, you know, I need to experience to opyt opyt opyt opyt.

In short, it is difficult to get a job. And there’s nothing I can help you. Just go and get what, man. More here does not help.

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