The truth about eggs

manygoodtips.com_1.04.2016_TlCfLqw4bzu0ZEggs… Natural cradle of life, as patsanskoy and cock. A symbol of life and eternity, which is particularly worried men around the world.

We are all concerned with the question of which came first: the chicken or the egg? The answer stirred even our ancestors, who settled in alchemical laboratories. Actually the egg came first, the demolished bald reptiles, from which birds went. But that’s bullshit invented by philosophers, to have been the ground for thought. Much more importantly: which egg is better – dark or light? Which are tastier, healthier, more suited to your homunculus, and what is the difference between them? The two sides of the force – dark and light, on whose side will you be? Systems eternal question rooted in the grain of the universe. Today we explain the difference to your grandmother puzzled, standing in front of shelves in the supermarket.

The difference in chickens

The key to solving the main mystery lies in the egg breed of chicken. Well, white-feathered hens with white earlobes (earlobes Kurochkina not stick out as a human, so you should not strain your imagination) lay white eggs and hens with reddish-brown and black color and red lobes of the ears are tan eggs. Genius breeding has created chickens the most bizarre parrot colors that the jackets Elton John gets hysterical. So, they are able to squeeze out of her shameless hole blue, green, pink and even olive eggs.

Dark eggs better than white eggs?

Here, just as with the people of France in recent years: the color does not solve anything. The quality and taste, there is absolutely no difference between prostitutes with a different hair color. There is a matter of taste. Despite the fact that the cost to them is often different, brown eggs or slightly more useful than white and Vice versa.

The taste and the color of the yolk is affected by food, and not the shade. In fact, so homemade is always tastier than store-purchased eggs because my chicken you love, you were courting her, you give her the best thing in your life, and a piece of their fiery hearts.

Dark eggs have a hard shell?

Poradi.yak.ua_1.04.2016_K3RHlBn27JO47Same nonsense as what «Caspian cargo» better than the band Jethro Tull (not a matter of taste, there is common sense). So, on the strength of the eggs the color is not affected. Blacks also bones are not stronger than whites. There are other differences in the skull… Despite the fact that white (we have about eggs) look sickly, raketnye and frivolous, their aristocratic white is often more powerful than the wild biowaste.

The strength of the shell is affected by two factors:

– age chicken – the older the bird, the more brittle it lays eggs;

– the amount of calcium in the feed. Usually the eggs become more fragile in the spring, this is due to the General weakening of the body of the chicken after the winter period.

Why do most dark eggs more expensive?

There is a perception that dark eggs are more expensive because they supposedly trace elements panaguriste, but because they are more natural and useful. They say, no refinement and artificiality, clean health. Yes, there are white, taken out of the incubator, unnatural forms of white eggs, which seem more useful marking ink is hidden under the shell. But there are normal, absolutely useful white kokoski.

It is not that dark shit color more like a Golden egg Chicken little. Everything is much simpler: dark chickens that are appropriate to their nationality, eggs, more than the rocks, which are white eggs. So these «horses» just eat more food than white and neat relatives. So any talk of «good» push is not necessary, everything is simple: a purely market relations and compensation at the expense of the price tag in the store.

Dark eggs are more suitable for the homunculus?

manygoodtips.com_1.04.2016_i0RjOsFr8Hqq6Really not that important what color the egg. The main thing that it was fresh, because the egg rested in the refrigerator becomes dead in half an hour. Ideally, you need to take svezhenanesennoj egg from under the hen and all manipulations carried out, while it is still warm. And by the way, if the chicken trampled cock, it’s already fertilized, and your sperm there. So you need to look for a chicken coop without a rooster. Store-bought eggs do not fit the definition. By the way, the seeds you need to use fresh, because spooge, spent more than 10 minutes in the open air, dying, all active sperm travel to spermary. Just don’t skimp on the seeds.

Much more important to keep the egg at a temperature below 40 degrees. And don’t rush. To the egg had the germ, you have 20 days, and for formation, 40. Need stuffy, but should not be a leak, otherwise your handsome boy will suffocate.

And, of course, use a clean needle. If you wiped the needle with alcohol, let it dry, otherwise there will be problems. And, of course, put the hole in the egg as tightly as possible, otherwise you will get infected, and your homunculus will die or be born with defects. And most importantly, look after him, take care of, properly feed, don’t let tobacco and drugs, engage in his education, and then he’d become a homunculus and the pride of the country.

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