The travel wallet Bellroy Travel


As evidenced by the wisdom, the hands of a real man should always be free. This is especially true for those who lead an active lifestyle and prefer the comfort of a claim to good taste and quality. But in modern life, too many necessary things to stay light quite problematic and multifunctional purses, fortunately, has served its purpose.


For storing important little things such as credit cards, documents, money, receipts and more can be used and wallet, but not any. Best of all with the task of storing all sorts of important things to cope wallet Bellroy Travel Wallet. Its main feature is that it is designed for such important events like a journey in which you just need to be mobile and quickly navigate to their things.In such a wallet can fit everything you need: passport, tickets, boarding passes, bills, credit cards and even a ballpoint pen. For everything there is my own Department to turn himself Bellroy Travel Wallet will easily fit in your pocket.

Another distinctive feature of this wallet for traveling RFID — protection, prevents plastic cards and documents from scanners with RFID rays, that can read the data.

In other words, quality and stylish solution to the transportation problem important things every day.

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