The trash BBQ, 11.09.2013, v01mQpijTcU38I9w0UO91CSHBjHNA5tz

Probably, you saw in some American movie, as several homeless people crowded around a barrel with fire in a vain attempt to keep warm on a cold night. As our official mascot is a bum, we take care not to lose his grip and face. So today we will show you another wonder from the strange Americans and their culture of consumption, namely the garbage container where you can barbecue.

Fry on this grill sausages-sausage and juicy pieces of meat is a pleasure. And friends surprise is always possible. By the way, for some unknown reason to me the trash from the grill don’t sell the Americans and the Germans all of a sudden, though, probably, they too have homeless and barrels. The trash bin is made of high quality steel, coated with chromium and polished to a mirror Shine. German quality and is styled with the original cover from the dumpster lid in the kit. There is such joy in the area of $ 75., 11.09.2013, 9nNQlT8fVmsGxolkjiWPZiMaytmX9ovo

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