The tools that everyone should know

A real man must be able not only to hammer in a nail, but more on the farm. If you decide to seriously learn some trade, or to make, for example, strict bed, or put a fence in the country, you have to understand the tools that can be useful in your endeavors.

1. Sledgehammer


Some tools combine elegant appearance and destructive power like a sledgehammer – a tool known to man since ancient times. And as to «not break the build», it is basic by design, the tool has firmly established itself, effectively breaking everything that gets in his way. And it can be used effectively to protect the house from intruders.

2. Kerner


The people referred to only as sample. Handy thing. With the appearance of a piece of iron, but it can be done in the metal hole of any size. Or make a hole for drilling, to avoid drilling, anywhere, and in the right place. Pressed, hit with a hammer – done! Quietly screwed into the screw. The nearest brother of the legendary chisels and a beard, which, if you try, can be used as a plumb Bob and a chisel. But to engrave them on the marble will not work.

3. Spatula


With a spatula, you can not just smear the putty, but also to peel the dried glue hardened plaster. Someone with it, forced to scrape gum off of school desks. But the real aesthetes enjoy tearing off old Wallpaper from walls. If only it metal. In fact, the tool is much more versatile, and have it in the farm is strictly necessary.

By the way, there is a special plastic spatulas for smoothing Wallpaper is also an interesting thing.

4. Building glasses


Usually plastic, with plastic Windows (not crashed). Some of the most comfortable and expensive has a silicone lining. But this is not important, and that they will protect your eyes from dust, debris, sparks and stone fragments. When something is drilled in the face always flying crap. Maybe you’ll look like Crazy Frog, but remember that conjunctivitis much worse.

5. Adjustable wrench


Than to have several wrenches, pipe wrench, buy one. This was Super Mario, so you can whack who you want, regardless of height and weight. However, it is not as good as it sounds. First, the large size will not allow you to climb the key to remote places, and still have to use the normal wrench. Secondly, the backlash of the movable jaw does not allow to compress tightly the nut, with the result that with a relatively small force key will smooth the corners of nuts and fail. The mechanism of the movable jaw wears out, leading to the impossibility of a large backlash. But the rest – the perfect weapon and tool. You have to have.

6. Wrench


Yes it is small, they are always lost in a negligent owner, you need to spend time to find the right. But otherwise – the best wrestler of nuts. It is devoid of the deficiencies that have him «swing» brother.

7. Saw


When there is no possibility to fix the problem using chainsaws, comes to the aid of regular drinking. Especially if you cut something, standing on a ladder. Ancient real male tool. First, something to cut, it is necessary to apply a force. Second, this technique is needed, not everyone is comfortable. Of the minuses: it is, of course, blunt teeth, and her work is just not possible, plus the calluses on the palm from hard work.

8. Jigsaw


Electric son saw. Large logs they are not cut, but the wood in just a few seconds – please. Just not bother hand to smoothly cut off. Definite plus that moves up and down blades, the process does not require such efforts, as in the case of saw and takes less time. If you work with the boards, be sure to get.

9. Pliers


That’s something that, but to have them you must! Bite the wire, spin, catch, pull – not the universal tool. Even the wires cleans. When the Assembly-disassembly of furniture, as well as delving into the electronics required. Buy at least for the affirmation.

10. Hacksaw

Another tool from a noble family pilyaev. Only this time saw her you wouldn’t be wood, and metal. Really nice saws slate, plastic and even wood. Length of hand hacksaw is characterized by the distance between the holes on the ends: 6 to 14″ (150 to 400 mm). Used for manual cutting cloth 250 mm and 300 mm, width 12.5 and 25 mm and thickness of 0.63-1.25 mm I Hope she’s not going to saw the handcuffs that chained you to the radiator, but without it the use.

11. Metal shears


Continuing the theme of the abuse of metal, mention should be made of metal shears. Cut not only aluminum and other metal sheets and plastic. The correct thing, but sometimes requires physical strength.

12. Shovel


To dig the ground with a stick is not cool – take the shovel. It is desirable to have on the farm are just two: shovels and bayonet. Shovels can be scattered gravel, sand, mix mortar, to clear the snow. Bayonet to fend off the neighbors, well, just something to dig. A tool as simple as a stick. The latter even included in its composition. To dig, you need to have a strong back, strong hands and patience. There are many modifications, but the most simple – wooden with iron bayonet will use even your great-grandchildren.

13. Drill and punch

There is a drill manual to the old-fashioned way of drilling one hole two hours. There is electrical that is under a hell of a noise to drill any hole in just a few seconds. Not to be confused with punch, which combines the functions of a jackhammer and drill. Both things are equally useful. Drill you hardly convenient hole in the concrete, but for the punch problems should not be. Both tools are incredibly useful and interesting. Especially feel it when you second month asked to nail a chandelier or hang a mirror.

There are hammers, in which you can go to drill mode (i.e. it will cease to divide), and in many respects it is much more convenient. So, buying the machine for drilling, think about it.

14. Level


To the house did not go awry that you made on the stools you could sit without the threat of slipping to hang baguette evenly, use a level. The thing is much more useful than it seems. Make them out of plastic, wood or metal with installed transparent flasks (eyes) filled with liquid. It can be used to measure not only the vertical but also the horizontal plane. If you want to make you beneficial and to make sense, be sure to get.

15. Roulette


I’m not denying you may be taiga hunters, emboss with 30 metres of protein in the eye. But in the construction work accuracy is important, and why the roulette is a necessary thing – but also incredibly comfortable. She has a fault: after wear retainer it ceases to fold. But otherwise the best measuring device mankind has not invented. Measure with a ruler, making dirty marks with a pencil on the last point, very stupid. Roulette is much easier.

16. Hammer

If we talk about the things really need, a hammer is one of the leading positions. To beat, to hammer, to beat please. Sometimes after a good blow with a hammer, some devices begin to function normally. It is not as effective for destruction, like a sledgehammer, but for more noble purposes, like hammer a nail, fits perfect. More practice and you won’t hit your fingers.

17. Chisel

It was a bribe.field.ua_18.03.2015_8IXaB5iP99fa2

Tool with a good name can coolly otselot or chipping decent piece of wood. One of the main tools of a carpenter, which will help you in working with wood, plastic. There are many sizes and variations, but as long as it was sharp.

18. Screwdriver


No, dude, it’s not a mixture of vodka and juice. This is the first domestic instrument. In your house almost all rests on the screws – flat and curved. Without it you will not assemble furniture that didn’t fix the outlet, remove the cover of the system unit of his computer. So, some of the screwdrivers you need to pick the size, and this takes time. So take a screwdriver to the transformer. Do not try to buy electric screwdriver – thing is definitely fast and convenient, but not the most compact and therefore not all get through.

19. Ladder


You can have the best tools, but without a ladder you can’t reach the heights of his apartment, hung a chandelier, pull the burned out bulb. Them now as stars in heaven: and complex, and ladders, both large and small, and collapsible – choose any according to your requirements. In a small «Khrushchev» is unlikely to need a huge ladder, because the main problem of the stairs is storage. Especially in apartments.

20. Axe


And without an axe? Without the axe in any way. The most brutal tool that carries with proper use of a hammer, sledgehammer, chisel, putty knife and many others. No need to buy a cleaver – buy conventional, at least in order to crack coconuts and to cut the trunk of the Christmas tree, which will not fit into the stand.

21. Voltmeter


Without it not even worth it to go into the mysterious world of wires and electronics. Subject is needed to determine the voltage or voltage in electrical circuits. There are lots of them: electric and analog digital – choose any. Most importantly, learn what the numbers mean on the display and how this thing even contact.

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