The tokens, which appreciates every woman


Women need attention. In fact attention need anyone, I’m serious! But women still need to drop more because they’re women!

Even if you’re an awesome boyfriend, always can become much better, right? And if you have a problem with understanding women, but this article should help you.

1. Welcome and farewell kisses

Nothing helps us feel in his place, like a kiss or a dear friend in the morning and goodbye. I agree that it is pleasant to you, and how nice the girl! When your lady goes to work or when she gets home, greet her with a kiss — one of the great ways to maintain emotional relationships. A warm and welcoming effect of these kisses reminds us the time when our ancestors were apes, and their location showed inspection on the subject of small parasites. Welcome kiss means «I’m glad to see you»and the last «I’ll miss you».

2. Snuggle up to each other

If you’re going to say something like «it’s all mushy stuff, men lie arm in arm with their ladies, wrapped in his beard,» I say to you that you are categorically wrong. Hug — a key factor a normal relationship. If you hate to cuddle more than once a day, your relationship can not be called normal. Even the prude wants to hug and feel close to a loved person often. All this talk about what the arms prolong life is not a fairy tale.

3. To do nice things

No girl will refuse a bouquet of flowers. Most importantly, of course, choose those flowers that the girl really likes, not to be mistaken, otherwise the surprise may be not very pleasant.

Of course, not only the flowers — the only joy for women’s eyes. Write her a little note on paper and put in the jacket came to her on Skype a couple of gentle messages, make Breakfast, boil her coffee, went to walk with her in the Park and draw together children’s chalk on the pavement something funny. Buy her favorite chocolate, give her a funny hat, remember when mom’s birthday. A lot of detail! The main thing — to have imagination, it strengthens relationships.

4. Notice the little things and compliments

Girls spend a lot of time to look at. All these makeup, manicures, haircuts and other treatments they often do, to be noticed and admired them. Be kind, mind you this stuff. Of course, there are women that all these manipulations do only for myself (yeah, dude, really are), and there are those who do not follow.

To notice a new haircut or the fact that she’s wearing the dress is important. The girl tries to look good, and if she really is, and you need to praise her. Not hard to see that in a girl, something changed. If you don’t see that, then there are two logical explanations. First: you don’t see the point in that to notice such «trifles» because you’re a man is not a man’s job, «women love it when everything strictly and without tenderness» (underline the right). Second: you don’t care about her. Small compliments will help you go a long way in any relationship.

5. My dishes

There is nothing to say that it’s a female thing. We live in a time when the boundary. She cooked you a nice dinner? Why not wash it after dish? This is a great indicator that you truly appreciate all that she does for you, and the food was really tasty. This is a subtle hint that «she is a woman, not dishwasher» and stuff like that. In the end, imagine what she would have to wash. She prepared the meal, this took some effort, and now she’ll have to wash the pots and dishes while you full and satisfied, you sit in front of a computer. Have some compassion, man!

6. To help her taking off/putting on outerwear

Nothing so nice not bother women like help with jacket or coat. You’re helping her to remove his jacket and hang it on a hanger. It is obvious that she can cope without you, but it’s a nice «knight» stuff that will cheer up you and her. It is from the same Opera, and that open before the lady door.

To help the girl to dress nice, too embarrassing gesture on your part. If you imagine relationship in the form of a strip arrangement of the members of your squad from some computer games help with outerwear puts you at least 10 points out of a possible 100.

7. Hug her from behind, kiss on the forehead, cheeks

Kisses on the forehead, cheeks and nose is nice and sweet. I especially like to kiss the nose, but this is a personal preference. It gives the girl to understand that you just want to stay close, you touched her and you’re nice to be around her even when she doesn’t cook you food and you’re not having sex.

8. Let her sleep

A common scene in any romantic movie: the girl with the guy watching a movie, and then falls asleep in his arms. This could happen in my life (I’m serious!). Let her sleep. This does not mean that you have to pass the time while your girlfriend deign to Wake up in the morning. This does not mean that you need to shake her so she woke up and didn’t force you to lie in an uncomfortable position. Gently put her on the bed or conveniently place it on the sofa. In 80 percent of cases the girl is awake and if he wakes, then immediately goes to sleep.

9. To push through a crowd of people

Girls like to feel protected. In fact, this feeling which is lacking to all people. Women Express his desire to hide behind a big back or to find support and assistance in the face of a loved one. We also want to be protected, but Express it differently.

Whenever you are faced with a crowd of people at a meeting, a concert, rally and other events and you have to walk through it, hold her hand or hold her to him, and he begin to slowly and gently pass between people, so she followed you already in free territory. So you show yourself as a great person who is trustworthy.

10. Tell her «thank you»

We often forget to say these simple words of courtesy, although it would seem, it is an axiom. She made you lunch with me? Don’t take it for granted, tell her «thank you» and a kiss on the nose. She cleaned your apartment so that now it is clean as ever? Tell her thank you. She gave you a wonderful evening? Tell her, finally, these words. When we learn to do it, man? I’m serious.

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