The time you want to change

People always always dissatisfied with something: power, its financial position, its love story or corny their appearance. To be happy nowadays is to be the Dalai Lama. Of course, it’s bad enough that we poison ourselves with thoughts of inferiority, but it is these thoughts enable us to develop further. If we can’t do something, we must first understand what exactly we can’t. Like it starts with awareness of the solution to any problem.

The problem of modern man

But there is nowadays a universal problem, and more specifically obsessa. No, we are not talking about impotence, although it is peat swamp hangs over every living guy. We lack courage and confidence, about when everything goes wrong and strength to fight less and less, and the struggle itself creates fear – fear that is hard to explain logically. These feelings are probably familiar to anyone who lives in large and small cities of our country. And in the countryside, it seems that things are not better, who would not say that clean air has a positive effect on the mental state of the person.

The recipe solution at all times been the same – to indulge in all serious. No, not Coca paths and sifilisnoy brothels, and on the way of the warrior, the breadwinner, the pilgrim, the traveler, etc. don’t know what these people similar to each other? Answer: it’s all in the test, because the presence of a tested for centuries walked the line between man and boy. And it was not until recently, when all the people began to live with a heavy heart, but in abundance.

No modern citizen of Russia such difficulties which was from a resident of Kievan Rus’, or even an aristocrat of the XIX century. Many went through the war to prove their courage, others subjected themselves to severe physical stress and some embarked on a journey. And because there were no smartphones, no Internet. If you went on a journey, it is a Journey, not a fun walk around the markets and beaches of an unfamiliar city.

But let’s not exclude the fact that many of our readers have seen in my lifetime of shit and know exactly how to handle him. However, we think that the guys and cowardly among us a lot, because it is a problem of Titanic proportions. And indeed, throughout life one should test himself in this respect, because comfort and prosperity soften you, and when that happens, you can’t serve as a reliable support for his family, friends and, frankly, for himself.

I think you have some idea what kind of test it is, therefore, to describe them does not make sense, and why to succumb to the dreams, when everything is clear? But we would like to describe the symptoms of the condition when you need to radically change our existence, to live a full life, the present, not the greenhouse.


1. You constantly doubt your decisions and yourself

With those guys that offer to solve all other people, because in my opinion you are not sure. You choose what you should eat, you should watch and how much to drink. Not to mention the solution within the working group. I think adult guys with cockroaches in my head do not exist? Already we’ve seen dozens of them, and all because they have no idea of his own importance as a person and no conviction in their own abilities.

2. You can talk with strangers

Of course, a matter of fear, and such is now fashionable and common. And, unfortunately, people do not understand what affects their total isolation. And it affects opportunity, oceans of opportunities, which gives them peace. I think needless to say that most of the really important things in life is solved by an acquaintance, is largely random. And even love life are by chance, what to speak of the world of careers, business and private calling.

3. You’re being stupid, terribly stupid!

There are a caste of «slowpoke» in our society. They, of course, in the intellectual sense, not worse than others, they just need time. But the very need of this time usually appeared out of nowhere, and due to the fact that this very time they had in excess. If you embark on a journey or in some crazy adventure, you will have to learn to think quickly and make quick but correct decisions. Otherwise, this planet will not achieve anything. Must be a dog.

4. You often say «no» when we are talking about something new

And if you weren’t so boring and old. Anyone pleased you have your «no» will not do. Although I for myself notice this quality, but it must be fought, because you deny not only people, but also an unforgettable experience that you can get is totally random. Do not be afraid of something new and incomprehensible. Besides, it often happens when something new becomes your personal personal test.

5. You don’t know your country

Maybe for someone it will seem a stupid reason to get away from the usual way of life. But if you look at life from the outside, it becomes quite unclear why we are so doggedly committed to the Egyptian beaches where there is nothing but sand and water, and with such disapproved tourism in the vast country, in which they themselves were born. Perhaps the fact that we have a wrong impression about the diversity of life in different regions. It seems to us that our state is a static monster, which in different places look the same. But in fact there are lots of places that you can visit. In addition, Egypt is still impossible, and the ruble continues to fall.

6. You’re not happy with your life and don’t know what to do next

We in the Community always have questions about what to do next. But such things need to respond to, after the total cleansing of their own brains. And that the obstacles you find on your head, will help you with that.

In General, you wish to feel less fear from the world around you and, in the words of Peggy Blomquist from the TV series Fargo, «we need to be who you want to be, not to think about it.»

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