The time of the may holidays? Think about how you’re going to bathe in the campaign!


Summer is coming, man! And if you love to relax by the sea or a savage, for example, Hiking in the woods, always raises the question: how to be in the campaign, when it is necessary to have? Of course, harsh guys prefer or do not wash at all, or to heat water in a pot, but these options has its drawbacks. In the first case, when you get home, you’re going to smell so that people will shy away from you when you get home. The second case is bad because you often have to come back for new and new portions of hot water. But not in this case.

Smart guys came up with a fun garden shower. The tank will withstand almost any temperature of water. You shower hung in a tree branch, be under it, twist the tap to adjust the jet strength, and wash. Tank capacity — 10 liters. In our humble opinion, it is enough to wash off the camping grime.


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