The things you will be able to print on a 3D printer

Hardly find now a man who has not heard about 3D printing. If you ask to look for items and devices that prints people, you can find thousands and even tens of thousands of different models. 3D printing has penetrated the cosmos, medicine, science, business, and overall production. Print bodies, weapons, furniture, clothes, food and even entire houses. It will take a little time and it will become commonplace for all. This happens because the printers themselves become cheaper, they realized more and more innovative technologies and engineering solutions, three-dimensional printing ceases to be fun and becomes interesting for both large and small businesses. And, of course, it is interesting to ordinary people.

We have made a selection of unusual, interesting and useful things that can be printed on a personal 3D printer and printed on industrial printers. What requires engineering thinking, some models require post-processing, but something to do will be very difficult. But the main thing here is creativity and imagination. Of course, it is advisable to understand what they are doing and how it works. Develop a program for 3D-modeling too, but in the web many sites with free 3D models that you can just download and start to print. Well, if you already have a business, for example, design Studio or printing house, or are you going to open a center for 3D printing (which, by the way, very cool idea), or you are going to stir up a tech startup, then you will definitely be useful to see our selection, and in the end you’ll find the printer that you just created for your small business. Go!


For example, chess. So, here is a handy 3D designer, but as we have said, it is possible to find quality and interesting 3D model. The chess pieces there too full. But it will be more interesting to make your own. For example, chess pieces from the movie «Harry Potter». And if you use your imagination, you can create chess of characters of any game, film or even from different universes. For example, a Queen to do as Daenerys Targaryen, the elephant — Jabba the Hutt from «Star Wars,» and an officer — Legolas from Lord of the rings. You can take positive and negative heroes of the Marvel universe. In short, ideas can be many. And if you think it’s a great idea for a startup.

Unusual dishes

In particular, cups, spoons, forks and so on. There are special types of plastics that are safe or relatively safe. In General, then the question is moot. However, why not get the coolest, ornamented with a fork or a semi-circular Cup with an unusual handle? You can make lots of interesting dishes. But if, for example, break any plastic or metal piece in one of the cooking devices, it will be easy enough to replace. Typically, service centers order parts abroad, they have to wait for month and then more money to take you to work. Because of one detail. So here it is, 3D printing can come to the rescue.

Musical instruments

Did you know that the sound of the electric guitar, 90% of depends on the pickups? To sound like Hendricks does not need a guitar like Hendricks. Maybe we exaggerate, but nevertheless, it’s pickups are responsible for the sound. Not the shape, not the materials of the guitar. Well, maybe, still need quality wiring and consequently, the instrument. So you can print a original and unusual shaped guitar, like in the picture above. Acoustic, too, can make or ukulele to warm up. The sound is peculiar, but all the musicians love experiments.

Useful stuff

A 3D printer can be used in everyday life. Even necessary. If you lack functionality or do not like something — do your own! Creation is amazing. You can use my design and engineering skills, and if not, then to develop them. You just need to include the brain and make it work for you. Exactly and create new things. For example, you do not like a little computer mouse because your hands are too big, and 3D printing would be very useful in this case. You only need to model the desired shape and size of the case and see the interior design in the ready-made mouse, to easily flip chip and other electronics. What else could be done? Well, for example, to make cool beautiful box for all sorts of things, replace the broken buttons on the keypad or the fan in the cooler, make a stand, hooks for clothes, a pen holder, an advanced outlet, case for smartphone, bookmark for books. In short, according to his needs.

Assembled model

Complex things consist of many parts. On the printer do not have to print one item — you can create a lot of small, and then to collect them. For example, designers. You can make the type of LEGO, but if you need something more complex and interesting, you can pay attention to something from the range of the company Ugears, which makes prodigious designers of plywood. Just need to copy exactly all the details, to print, to collect and receive the lock box mechanism, or even a locomotive that can go without electronics, at the expense of pure mechanics. And if you’re good with Arduino or Raspberry Pi — single Board small computers, what you do is not limited. Can do automatic watering of plants, collect the tablet, radio-controlled cars, or even a quadcopter!

Diagrams, models and how-to-find materials all over the Internet. There are hundreds of specialized resources, like so you’re not alone, and other enthusiasts you will be happy to help.


In this case, you can show all your creativity. And it is advisable to connect your girlfriend. People are making not only small and beautiful products, but even the furniture. For example, a good lamp, figurines, castles, clock, composition, decorating, and anything else your heart desires.

Prototypes and commercial products

This, of course, about startups and business. Startups are popping up like mushrooms after rain, and many of them technological, that suggests the presence of devices and any items. Be it a new smartphone, smart vacuum cleaner, fitness bracelet, camera, game Board, headphones, a stabilizer for smartphone, e-bikes, scooters and everything that has form — all 3D printing can come to the rescue and save significant funds. The same applies to designer things. If you need a concept that you want to see, to touch, to show potential clients or demonstrate the presentation, to print it in the here and now is much easier than ordering on the side. In addition, in principle, impossible to come to final product in an instant — all require modernisation and improvement and is based on the so-called user experience, without study of which no modern company.

3D printing is used for commercial purposes. Ranging from figurines to order home to medicine: prostheses, bones, organs and even tissues. Space also became closer to us — now it is possible to print parts for rockets, and the ISS sent the printers that can work in zero gravity, so astronauts could be in place to create the necessary part or device. If you omit the view, we can see how there are companies that provide 3D printing as a service. And it is actively used as a simple and other organizations.

What all these things can be printed?

Here we come to the most important question. The printer will cope with all these challenges? What kind of printer you can buy a home, in school or University, in the enterprise, design Studio, office of a startup or already established business, such as a printer or for small batch production? In short, it is Ultimaker 3.

Just two months ago was presented and it exceeded all expectations. This is the third version of the printer Ultimaker, and it took into account all that can be taken into account. For example, a system with two extruders will allow you to print any geometric model. If in conventional printers for parts that hang in the air, need support, then you will have to remove and to clean off a model, then here it is solved using a special water-soluble PVA polymer. The final model is simply lowered into water, the polymer dissolves and you see only the item as is. But the second extruder can be used for other purposes — for example, to print different types of plastic or different colors. This is a godsend for designers. In addition, the printer has a camera — it allows you to track the printing process remotely, which is very convenient as sitting in front of the printer a few hours you don’t want. Videos displayed in the app Ultimaker 3 App. It allows not only to control the process, but you can run the model to print directly from your smartphone or tablet: simply load the model in one of the 3D formats, choose the types of materials to configure the printing options to send the model slicing (conversion to the printer understands a set of instructions). Then will only have to make it work. A very simple and practical solution.

Ultimaker 3 moved forward and through automation. NFC technology allows you to recognize the materials table has the function of active alignment, and developed software complements all these capabilities. Ultimaker 3 is a professional printer and can replace industrial printing. It is convenient and easy for ordinary people. Hardware and software is fully integrated, all the printer settings you can configure.Yes, it is a bit expensive for home personal printers. But no one home printer will not provide the accuracy, speed and quality industrial printer. Ultimaker 3 combines the two class of devices and displays print on a completely different level. Read about it in detail on the official website here. And if you dare to purchase for ourselves, that we highly recommend to do are going to persuade your supervisor to buy such a job, then you can buy it from Ultimaker official representative in Russia — iGo3D Russia. Hope we inspired you and now you know how and why to use a 3D printer, what would you do not have any.

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