The things that only men

An interesting law of life: normally inherent variability. What is considered completely unacceptable today, in ten years may become normal or at least acceptable. Plenty of examples: women and trousers, women and bikes, women and sport, women and education, women and suffrage. See a trend? What they occupy themselves with us. It’s not bad: just life. Everything changes. However, there are some things that will always be women, no matter how they tried. It is gratifying to think that in this world still have Islands of stability for our kind of peasant. That can be done only by men?

1. To go Topless without attracting attention

Of course, women can go Topless on the beach, and they will stare from all sides. We can remove the t-shirt where you want and when you want. Walking down the street? Wanted and took off. Digging potatoes? Wanted and took off. Doing exercises in the stadium? But for God’s sake. Doubt? The fact is that we don’t use our nipples and do not have prominent Breasts. We have nothing to hide — don’t hide. Although, on the other hand, we have nothing to surprise — but that’s another story.

2. To drink a lot and to save face

Sorry, women, but we are genetically programmed to better tolerate the effects of alcohol. In the male body more protective enzymes that help break down alcohol in it. When women go five times in a row shouted: «I Love this song!», men continue with dignity to drink his whiskey and discuss politics and Economics. Or about video games. Or about the ugliness of capitalism.

3. To grow a beard

Bushy beard, goatee, sideburns, skipper beard, mustache dandy — you can grow on your face any disgrace. And yet we grow hair on your chest (I have quite Rudenko), we don’t have to shave their armpits, cut with hairy legs and have hair in the nose — and no, we will not say anything! Women? Them is not permitted. And deservedly!

4. Well to navigate in space

Men see better things in all their shapes and volumes — so to speak, in 3D. Of course, to watch 3D movie without glasses will not work, however in geometry and algebra guys know how to do better. This explains why there are more men geniuses and techies. Of course, some women have what he had, but men are still in the majority.

5. To shave his head

There is no dispute that Natalie Portman, Sigourney weaver and demi Moore were not worse shaved bald, but it was done for a career, and not just because they have such a style. Men monopolized the right on his bald head. David Beckham, VIN Diesel, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis — here are the icons baldness. Even the protagonist of the series «breaking bad», shaved bald, became a new man. Still want to bet? Remember the bald Britney Spears. Only men need to shave bald.

6. Swearing

Women are more perfect beings, but because we always cringe and cringe when she opens her beautiful mouth to throw out his foul language — and, moreover, in society, and not at home when her foot accidentally dropped the frying pan. It’s like prescript chalk on the Board or to hold nails on a chalkboard — just want to curl up and cover my ears. Now many women use foul language to shock the audience and show disregard for social norms, within reasonable limits it can even be funny, but not everywhere and in any case not often!

7. Fertilize

We fertilized since the emergence of mankind! Although I know our swimmers threatened by competition scholars argue that women’s bone marrow is able to produce sperm. Oh no, not this! While they are still to us not competitors.

8. To piss standing up

To go to the bathroom, and no toilet? No problem, here’s the closest Bush, use it well! Went camping and wanted to use the toilet? Here’s any tree — oblegchit, dear man! While women are looking for a place I unbutton my pants, pull them down, to begin, we have time to finish. Just something we need to find shelter, to unzip the zipper and go! You can even write your name in the snow.

9. To put their organs to another human being

And in this we are the Champions! Someone is better someone worse, but still no plastic, rubber and glass ersatz us to catch up!

10. To look better with age

Don’t worry, mA’am, but all your creams, lotions, supercredits of all kinds and witches ‘ ointments to us — children’s toys. Male hormones make our skin thicker, have less wrinkles and the skin looks young longer. Look at Sean Connery. Cool? And Keith Richards? This is the norm, not a genetic anomaly.

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