The things she will notice immediately in your apartment

Order in their bachelor’s accomodation like parallel Parking: you always think you get much better than it really is.

For such a self-confident of you, we wrote this text, along the way, asking one important question many of my friends, her friends: «What is the thing in the guy’s house you notice first?» The answer, incidentally, was given in seconds.

Unfortunately, we are unable to conduct a large-scale survey of friends, so the statistical support for our view has not. However noticed that many women talk about the same things. Them we publish. I hope that you, man, the list seems useful.

1. Books

To read now it is fashionable. Many girls because of this (or other reasons) pay special attention to books that are in the apartment of the guy. In fact books can tell a lot about a person and their absence will tell about the person even more. However, this may give a false impression of dude. Therefore, there should be a small bookshelf, where it will show off something human, or describes you.

2. Bathroom

For girlfriends bathroom may be the most important place in your apartment. When they first come to your house, you hardly dare to use the toilet. Some thought about the raised cover. But it still will not make any difference if you got really messy. Not just dust on the toilet seat, if you know what we mean. Brushes and various cleaners was not invented just like that, they should be used. So that the purity of this room is an important goal that you need to realize before you invite friends.

3. Things ex-girlfriends

It has to go. Although, of course, it sounds uncool. But what if the last girlfriend you broke up, and new ones are unlikely to quietly treat your memories about the other girl? You can of course try to hide all the «evidence», but girlfriend can easily calculate things that do not belong to you. It will not cause any serious problems, but may subsequently serve as a Foundation of mistrust. In General, it is better get rid of them.

4. Order in the refrigerator

If you opened your fridge right now, and out wafted the smell of some dead animal, it’s best friends in the house not to invite. All products, including fruits and vegetables must be fresh. Have you ever seen the program «Revizorro»? There’s a crazy woman ridicule all sorts of dens with Shawarma. Now, a useful thing to watch, not to ask questions about why you have in the freezer cockroaches running around.

5. Plants

Get a vegetation. But not on the body, although a man should be hairy, and the window. Cacti, bushes of all sorts. They cleanse the air, contribute to a healthier atmosphere at home, as they say. Some ladies think that if you can take good care of such organisms, then so be attentive to her.

6. Signs of imminent murder

You may not even notice. However, the girls are very nervous, especially with the newly familiar people. The time is now dangerous, and many may think that you’re some kind of serial killer, especially if the entire house you have placed mannequins with severed heads, and on the bed lay the chainsaw.

Once I saw the knife. A small knife in his bathroom. Don’t know what happened, but I got the fuck out of his house.

7. Rough edges

Watched the cult film «American Psycho»? Remember the apartment of the main character? Everything was perfect, there was no shortage of either in the suit or in the card, not in the house. So not to do: women need to leave space for action. The ideal apartment will leave nothing to your friend, because it is, of course, would like to take part in achieving this «perfection», be in some degree useful. So don’t do out of the house housing and laboratory conditions. Leave small flaws.

8. Musical instruments

We live in the digital age, but musical instruments still feature women to us. Better, surely, to be able to play them, not to use merely as interior.

9. Pictures

Not spiders, although in some cases, even better. Paintings create a good impression about you, especially if the work is really worth.

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