The things it’s time to say goodbye

Pora was.kom.ua_1.09.2014_wC6gB69JCi23UProbably your wardrobe still includes clothes that were fashionable in the past decade. You can not wear a long time ago, but you know you’ll definitely need! For any special occasion. It’s time to get it out of my head and the cabinets are old trends. If you don’t care about style and fashion, then maybe you will hate to read this article. “What? My pants are tight? OK, I’ll buy baggy.» 10 years later… “What? My pants are very baggy? But… but…». Yeah, this crap happens regularly. Fashion goes but almost always comes back.

So, trends come and go, and it can not be annoying. If you’re a normal guy, not a Shopaholic, which runs after every novelty through the Mall, you probably wondered: «Who the hell actually comes up with this stuff? Who decides what will be fashionable the coming months and what to despise.»

This thought is absolutely adequate person, but let’s look at those things that really needs to be thrown away, regardless of what it is now fashionable:

1.Shoes with a square nose

Well, it’s just hell. Fashion of the late nineties, why he still can not evaporate from the heads of many guys. Usually desperate, botanize. These shoes bought them the mother to the prom in 11th grade, but they continue to wear this stuff. Don’t do that. Replace better this shoes on a pair of shoes that are in Vogue in almost all times. This form of the nose will definitely not look silly.

2. Worn jeans


If it is still lying in the depths of your closet, you should immediately get rid. And when it was fashionable. ONCE. Around 7 years ago. It’s time to forget about long dungarees, which are wrapped under your shoes and you’re constantly advancing. Buy jeans of appropriate length, or hem them to a competent opponent. No need to take shoes with a very narrow sole, otherwise you risk to be in jeans that were fashionable in the zero.

3. Too broad tie


No need to carry a huge paddle on my neck. Your tie should look neat. The maximum width should be about seven inches, and it is at the widest point. You don’t have to look ridiculous dressed as a penguin, take care of your image. Although it is customary to wear a tie of a width not less than 9 inches, but if your weight say 78 pounds and you’re average height, then this tie will occupy 25% — 30% from the middle part of your body. If you have about these proportions, then you will approach the tie with a width of 6.5 inches.

4. Velcro wallet


Hey man, yeah we remember a time when it was very cool and fashionable to wear a wallet from Quicksilver. It’s awesome when you learn at uni and the sound of the unbutton of the diaper at the checkout of a supermarket was reasonable. But time has changed you too, time to move on to a new level.

5. Points bzdyra


Went 1998. The little boy who came to the resort fell for the lure from a street vendor glasses. He bought a fashionable sunglasses. This guy was incredibly cool. Key words: «1998» and «little boy.» It’s time to forget about these narrow black glasses that make you a freak. For some reason they continue to sell, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy them.

6. Wavy shirt


Earlier it was really difficult to find a suitable shirt, but thanks freestuff stores such as H&M. Now you can buy cheap and stylish shirt. Now you don’t have to wear a shirt in a boxy cut, which will be developed in the wind creating the waves.

Don’t keep unnecessary stuff in your closet. This stuff just takes place, it’s time to look at things on the shelves of trendy shops.

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