The thief-the loser did not notice the glass Windows and hit her


Sometimes the universe itself punishes idiots and assorted goats for what they do. At least how else to explain all the stuff that happened in this story?

In the normal shopping center in Australia used to walk alone a thief and a girl. The thief noticed the girl, or rather her purse, grabbed the bag from the girl and ran aimlessly. The guy followed the guard, but the door is so close that it left quite a bit! And then our hero is printed right in the window, which, most likely, took over the open door. The guy broke his delicious slender body of the glass and fell to the ground. After him came the guard, but there it was: the guy had an accomplice who grabbed him by the shirt and dragged in a stolen green Lexus. Here it is — friendship.

That’s such a ridiculous story!

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