The terms of some hipsters


You’ve probably heard the concept more than once. If you have Internet access, then you have met the mention of this subculture. It is also referred to indie, and this prefix is used to almost any object, phenomenon, capture. Sure, there are indie coffee indie pasties and indie Shawarma. Hipsters of any phenomenon will drag this is indie, and all others will be considered mainstream. And despite the fact that some publications recommend not writing about the hipsters are not words in 2013, we still — we will write.

So who are the hipsters?

Hipsters — it’s such a new age subculture, which brings together all those things that people usually do these subcultures do not like. But the question of who the hipster is not responding.

who are the hipsters

Actually, the phrase to be hip, from which came the name of this subculture, means in English «to be». But the presence of this «theme» is what defines the concept of «subculture». Of course, this is «be subject» as it is understood hipsters, this is what exalts them in their own eyes, raising them to an unattainable level, automatically making them better than others (in their opinion).

How to find the typical hipster

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In fact, quite simple. Despite the attempt to be an individual, all hipsters are the same.

1. Every hipster carries a lot of too expensive for his pocket gadgets. Always. If you think that someday you may leave your tablet, laptop or camera, the hipster doesn’t think so. He will always carry this heavy and often unnecessary for a list of devices to show that they have one, and he uses them all, and not just drags. Sometimes he really enjoys.

2. Every hipster is supposedly sincere and FAP to all sorts of antiquity, which are called «vintage». Don’t care what he never will be able to take pictures with old cameras (because of a fatal flaw in her details) and certainly not able to show the film (because even approximately do not understand how it is done).

3. The representatives of this culture look after their wardrobe. Sometimes too much. A lot of t-shirts with various inscriptions (not so long ago was very fashionable any reference to Pussy riot), shoes are the most wild colors and modifications, strange skinny jeans, the blazers, who sit frankly not very much — here is the necessary minimum for hipsters of any gender.

4. Vital-rimmed glasses, a La the «Soviet engineer». Most often they are not even close to the wearer.

5. Of physical practices common among hipsters, yoga and other Eastern practices.

6. Love for England and Ireland among the hipsters are very, very common. The most common wear items with the British flag.

7. Most of the hipsters are reading, listening to, playing and watching of the works are not known to anyone except hipsters authors. Sometimes they all read more or less famous authors like Chuck Palahniuk and Irvine Welsh.

8. Not to mention in conversation with a hipster more or less popular person, book, event, game, film, about which I know very many people who truly love. When he hears about Stephen king, «Forrest Gump», «Mass effect», Nietzsche, and many others, he never hesitated to tell you that they are garbage.

However, sometimes a man with a mind like a hipster, but it just looks weird or he likes this style of clothing. So we recommend you not to stick labels on people before their time.

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