The teacher took the children of soldiers, because they promote violence

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Strange case of the man, occurred in the U.S. state of Michigan. The mother of third-grader hunter Faustina (Hunter’s Fountain) baked guy on birthday sweets, and decorated their toy soldiers. The Director of the school, where he studied the hunter, took away the soldiers the children and gave them to the boy’s parents. His action, the woman explained that soldiers and war games promote violence. In addition, the woman noted that their use as decoration can show not politically correct in respect of the last and next fight in one of the American schools. Also, the administration of the school noted that some parents on the contrary refuse to give their children toy soldiers.

Casey fountain (Casey Fountain)- the father of the hunter, a stern man in a suit of karate, says that this is complete nonsense because the figures portrayed the heroes of the Second World war. The father notes that interfere with psychopaths and heroes together — completely pointless, I can’t disagree. However, it is worth noting that Casey is so going to lose this fight. American tolerance!



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