The teacher gave his pupil a stripper on school property


Teachers in America are often seen in inappropriate relationships with their students, but most of these stories are not taking place on school grounds.

Secondary school teacher from Texas, Felicia A. Smith, 42 years old, was accused of committing a serious crime — child molestation. The woman was arrested after gave his favorite student a real lap dance… in front of the class. The entry with the dance was demonstrated to the parents of the boy.

15-year-old beloved Felicia was talking with their friends in class when the teacher suddenly interrupted him. Felicia asked the guy to come up to standing alone in front of the school Board chair. The woman turned on the music and gave the guy a private lap dance in honor of the birthday.

For nearly five minutes, the students watched as 42-year-old teacher sat the boy on his knees, touched his hands to his body and even put the disciple’s head between his legs. Several times the woman fell from high heels, and the students laughed. The dance ended with a request from Felicia a couple of times to hit her on the cheek. After that, Smith hugged the boy and said, «I love you baby, happy birthday!»

On a simple striptizershu began to exert pressure parents and their students, what kind of it was the pressure in the source is not reported. But at the end of this story the teacher had to confess all to the police. Relatives of Felicia made her bail at $30,000. Most likely the woman will be deprived of the right to teach. But in order that to yourself to fully understand this story we are missing photos of Felicia.

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