The syndrome is a cynical beast, or all around idiot



Hi, You guys are incredibly cool and interesting! Thank you for being there! Get great pleasure from reading your content! Lately I notice some nasty trend that most online publications to become some kind of… faceless. They have lost the uniqueness of style, originality of content, everything is somehow gray and monotonous. Not traced the author’s handwriting, can not see who is sitting on the other side of the monitor from you, and who wrote this text. All turned into some robots. In fact, besides you and the Metropole, the Internet is already nothing to read – all bland and boring! Thank You for being there! Don’t ease up I would not like to give up another online magazine, as at the time I came out of the Look At Media. Now to the question!

Lately, in the mind involuntarily slips the phrase: «What are all around*the KJV!» The level of my sebsta has reached its limit, and I decided to ask Your opinion about a very, I think, the actual question, which to tell you the truth, I have long been concerned about! I noticed that reaction: «What are all kind, wonderful and quite intelligent) people!» – is not accidental, but in certain moments and I would say, from certain actions of people. I come from afar, but gradually come to the essence of your question! Be patient!) I will give an example! You say this to their friends (not close friends, but it’s a good guys, which is not so bad to spend time): «Let’s go for may holidays to somewhere in Europe?», – and in response to hear: «Yes, what’s this in Europe? Here and so good!» Or another example. Invite your classmate to go to a wonderful author’s film «the Youth» directed by Paolo Sorrentino, in response to receiving 10 000 of ridiculous excuses not to go. But that same person the next day calls you immediately to inform that after 2 months will be SUPERPERMEABLE the movie «Batman vs Superman» and this «brilliant» film should DEFINITELY go. The guy is 21, he is finishing a 4 year uni. I think comments are not needed.

Or another example. I looking for some in any company the subject of music. People ask me what I’m listening to music. Well, I begin to list all his rich Arsenal of large British groups like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Dire Strait, The Who, T-Rex, Status Quo, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Beatles and the rolling stones, however, and many others), which, in my not so humble opinion, is the pinnacle of world music! Neither direction not so long dominated (classical music don’t count, because in the 18th and 19th centuries, there was nothing except her), and it is nearly 40 years since the 60’s and ending with the beginning of zero, and gave such a rich variety of styles/trends and totally unique and absolutely unique groups within these movements. When I call these groups, people look at me like an alien creature, because today in their honor some very strange characters. Some completely ephemeral and repetitive nedogruz like ColdPlay-EV and Nickel Back-s that play such a monotonous music that after the second song it’s already bored, Kanye West who jeered at Glastonbury, because it is wrong to desecrate great art called «music», as he does.

And even more kills me when people say they listen to everything. It generally brings to Homeric laughter. Listen/read/watch everything – it would be like to use in your nutritious diet everything, including feces… Oh, no, sorry, I’ll just say it – shit! About the book do not say anything. None of my (even cool and appropriate friends, acquaintances) not read «the Brothers Karamazov» by Dostoevsky, which I really love. And it’s not Dostoevsky. Well, there are people who he does not like, and it is possible to understand his style is not for everyone easy. Well, maybe it wouldn’t be Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy. About Tolstoy, I also enjoy ready to talk! But no. Don’t want to read challenging literature. The books do not talk to anyone. And here it seems to be thought: «Well listen to/watch they are crap, to hell with them!» But no! Does not give me rest! Well, how? After all, tastes differ! But I want to make a bet!

And here we come to the question: is it appropriate to argue about taste, and we can say that there is good and bad taste? I started to think that most people have absolutely no taste for all that is around. I like a man inquisitive and curious, always want to understand the nature of the product I offer. When I’m watching a movie, except the original plot and script, I’m interested in camera work: movement and spans cameras, the appropriateness of the soundtrack to a particular moment, the quality of zvekare, acting, scenes, characters. When I hear above me the great rock music, I pay attention not only to obscure texts, but also the rhythm of the drummer, and the quality of the information tracks, and the originality of the arrangements. But people who live around, it is GENERALLY uninteresting. They with pleasure go to the movies to «Batman» with the words: «as on e a cool movie!» – listen to mediocre rap: «And che, cool the rhythm cool» – with lyrics, like a nigger from the Bronx fucked someone’s mother (there is good rap, but it’s insanely small, as the direction is pure garbage). Go to exhibitions of contemporary art and with a clever kind to tell me about the ingenious creation called «Two triangles, red and blue» («what men talk About»). You argue that: «Dudes, there’s nothing cool! There are no brilliant geometry or symmetry, there is no game of colors and shadows. No strange hidden symbolism. But if we talk specifically about the «Two triangles» in there, no originality, Malevich’s something rough painted, the subject is closed!» And you know what I hear? «You understand nothing!» Mdaaaaaaa… Apparently, I really don’t understand something. But I’m more inclined to think that this people did not have enough erudition and knowledge to distinguish a real masterpiece from falsehood. A phrase like «You don’t understand» or «tastes differ» invented by ignoramuses who don’t understand and not trying to understand! But his stupidity and ignorance should be the same as to justify, right?)

And here are my questions: do You agree with my opinion that the majority of people around you is an idiot, or is it just me conceited?) Maybe You have a third opinion?)

And the second question: if You agree with my observation… and how to cure it? How to get people to taste and learn to distinguish them high quality item from the «counterfeit vodka» and popcorn?

The second question asked to give an answer on the merits, and not from the «Look for another environment!» Normal guys around me have a lot of them are interesting, competent, and the most different. But what unites almost all (except for 2-3 people) is the lack of taste. And my question is not how to run away from the problem and how to solve available, if at all possible).

Thank you! Good luck!

The answer

As I read this question, my girlfriend left me. A week later she came back for things, but seeing that I read your question, sorry and decided to come back. Really thank you so much for your kind words!

As for you, my friend, I know how you feel! Especially in terms of music and movies. So, in General, all of your examples from my life. Though it is a sin to compare Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Dire Strait with Kanye and Coldplay, even pouring the last bucket of dirt – all the same what to put on a shelf pearl and wormy bacon.

Regarding books, here too I disagree. Because they don’t read classics just because of mainstreamness, due to the fact that, in their opinion, the composition is outdated, and so they undertake more complex and urgent, in their opinion, the book is often a modern, more foreign. Although that may be relevant Fyodor, Anton Chekhov and Maxim Alexeyevich? So complex literature they are willing to read only an understanding they are different. And, as strange as it may sound, the beauty of modern life.

Because there is diversity, but when it is not, there is a crisis. How I wish that every stupid scum imbued with the high style of Robert plant, dissolved in the shimmering bass of Roger waters… But remember: our you favorite year in history was full of crises of the genre: in the late 50s, early 70s and in the 90s, which completely ruined rock music. No form can live forever and be friendly and pleasant to all. Then the society becomes colorless, and the culture degraded. It just solidifies in your canning position. But this is quickly bored, and women give birth to new creators. They are as soldiers, as cannon fodder: not all survive, but those who are born, want to break the boring limits and show the world a new work. So, at one time those boundaries broke our favorite rock-n-rolldice. Fedor Mihalovich literature also changed, and if he worked in our days, we certainly did not hesitate swear words, and dill, which even Tarantino never dreamed of. Time goes on, pulls the culture, genres connect, develop, and enrich this world, make it brighter, give freedom of expression. Of course, I believe that the classics, including music, needs to know in person, but it is enough just to know. And so we find ourselves in George Orwell’s «1984», grey and monotonous.

We agree that most people are idiots. And we agree that you have the syndrome is a cynical beast. Such intolerant dude should know his place, before to rise above others at the expense of. People who are crazy about electronics as you do. You are able to contain their elders, their family morally and financially and to help my friends in difficult times? But the fan of group «Cinema». Well, one of you is worse? In the end, Yuri Loza finds your «rolling stones» and «zeppelins» by non-professionals, and some critics criticized Sorrentino for what he shoots monotonous the movie for yourself. So who to believe? Where is it written, what is truth?

Be patient. Human preferences depend on his upbringing and environment. Lucky for you, life has hammered into your head the best thing that revealed to the world the nature, others less fortunate. Incidentally, among the fans, «listen to everything», is full of these who just loves good music, interesting melody. I myself gladly willing to postpone Paco de Lucia, to enjoy the interesting trip-hop. I myself thought it was people devoid of taste, but then I realized that they need to be divided into two categories: those who can’t decide what he likes and listens to what is fashionable, and those who have exceptional flair for music who is able to hear even in dark ambient tragedy worthy of Schnittke. Well, God be with them, because we have to decide how to educate people to good and light. Here it is important to remember about education. It all depends on the speaker. I want to once again on the pages of the magazine, spit is rare to recall a great quote by max Frei: «Night night, night, any nonsense you can believe, would be a good preacher.» See, if you just tell them: «You look rubbish, it is better to see Cassavetes!» – they will be offended. You called them a bad choice. You, a man without authority, brought weak arguments. It is not necessary to exclude, to offer except to advise to listen to, looking for the most graceful and careful words. This will remind school painless re-education, and the better you treat a person, the faster it goes.

I managed to convince friends that Fletwood Mac – the biggest underrated bands, crucifying in praise, wet with emotion and delight the eyes. A friend of mine read Brodsky and Pushkin, on hearing of the shed, rich in archaisms and the right, beautiful words. And then man, if he was all right with the head, begin to see clearly. Not all cease to love «crap from the past», and thank God, it is important that they respect the good things. And they will come to them permanently or not, depends on education, environment, activities and mental state. But people who write songs for the group «Silver», is to score good taste force, and the authors of the song «Tigers» and so on just to sleep. Otherwise, good does not come.

Taste is a fickle thing and changes with time, the thing is so unique that is not given to everyone. And everybody didn’t have, because you yourself called them idiots. In a world of fools only the exceptional person is capable of becoming a priest. And good taste – an important detail in the image special. And so it is absolutely normal that taste is not available to all. But before you believe in their exclusivity, carefully check how your strengths really are.

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