The symptoms of a potential psycho

manygoodtips.com_16.06.2015_Y6Q1nagltMKqPI have bad news for you. We are here symptoms of mental illness found. Surely you will discover at least a couple of symptoms. Don’t be scared. In the world there is no completely mentally healthy people. Well, think rush with fists on the kids! But no delusions and phobias. Most importantly, do not start the symptoms and don’t turn into a vegetable/crazy psychopath.

Enjoy the reading! Don’t freak out much.


Severe schizophrenics, as Muscovites, not so much. Only 5-6 people. Basically it’s mania, phobias and all sorts of syndromes with petrovaradinski names. Constant reflection, soul-searching, a sense of his genius and exclusivity, and appeal to himself in the third person – a sure sign that you are fond of saying Vladimir Zhirinovsky, «schizoid». Some say that on one leg comfortable to stand those who are prone to schizophrenia. Then Jethro Tull vocalist Ian Anderson, who loved to play the flute standing on one leg – just a classic patient.


When ordinary light seems too bright, the sounds deafening loud, touch – rough, but the intensity of the stimulus does not exceed the usual, customary for the body of the thresholds, it is hypersensitivity.


Here the opposite is true: the sensitivity decreases, the objects appear shapeless, dull, sounds lose their tone, the grass is not so green, and Stallone is not the same.


If the time in different parts of the body begins to itch, to tickle, to pull and irritate, then you need to apply not to the dermatologist.


It is not necessary to laugh at the long face of the interlocutor and call him a freak. First, the faces don’t change. And may not be the lane so endlessly long. And don’t worry, the palms you have not grown. Just changed the perception of size and shape. This is normal, you will be cured.


Complex nature of the symptom, which consists in the illusory sense of the ambient, when the world is seen «as if through a grid, as if in a dream,» the sense of reality is lost; this condition is close to the concept of «already seen» and «never seen» when first seen, the object appears very familiar to me, or Vice versa.

Embodied awareness

When you think that the room in which you is certainly one, there’s someone else, but understand that it is not. Too complex disease, so ill try something simpler.

Disorders of orientation

The disorder may be expressed in anything: in time, in this situation, the place of self. Can’t understand for who you are and how we got here? We have bad news for you.

The affect of confusion

In fact, the usual confusion, but with a deeper message. You are in a unpleasant misunderstanding of your condition starting to torment themselves and others with questions: «What happened? What happened to me? What the hell is going on?»


Become someone else’s own mind? It seems that everything that you made someone else’s will? It seems that everything, even what goes on in your head, artificially brought, or from the outside? Depersonalization. Soon all mental hospital.

Hyperthymia (mania)

This is not the craze, when it seems that after you watch idolatrada. Everything is a little bit different. Joyful mood, like a fool, life is full of optimism. The disease is accompanied by increased libido, activity, good (not always objective) sense of health, optimistic Outlook on life. By extreme mania are euphoria and ecstasy.

Gipotimiey (depression)

Well, perhaps there is something to talk about depression? So, depression treated by psychiatrists.


Bleak, dark, angry, violent-aggressive mood when I want to kill, to cut, to strangle. This is not normal. And excuses like the fact that life has become impossible, unfortunately, not a ride.


Fear is also not good. The constant anticipation of threat, disadvantage – you can not live.

Emotional weakness (lability)

Frequent change of mood for no reason is not only annoying for your loved ones, and raises suspicions of the psychiatrists.


What? We were robbed? So what, life’s decay. To squeeze the boil on my face? Why? We will all die.

Feelings of loss feelings

Painful insensibility, very hard experience patients emotional devastation. «No more joy, no more sadness.»

Intrusive phenomena (obsessions)

Disparaging thoughts, baseless fears – these are all symptoms. Even thought about that. what Americans dream to destroy Russia with nuclear weapons is also a symptom. So don’t blame the propaganda. Even if you constantly suspect your mate of infidelity, it is not always a sign of her debauchery. Perhaps, you’re sick. It is believed that the involuntary repetition of words-parasites, and high-calorie nibble nails is merely a symptom. So don’t show psychiatrists bitten fingers. Never.

Hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations

If falling asleep with your eyes closed or while waking up, I see golany, dancing animals, made from my mother’s velour jackets or psychedelic trip in the best traditions of Dali’s paintings, there is something to ponder.


No wonder they say: «have No illusions». The image of the real object merges with the painful performance. Look at their «Shah», and represent that it is a good machine.

Functional hallucinations

If the sound of water, sound of the wheels of trains and other sounds cause you have a vision in the form of a flying locomotive or other of heresy, you have a problem.


A classic of the genre, when you do not remember parts of the event. Well, I do not remember you, Kiselyov said!

Fixation amnesia

If you’re watching the same news about the Ukrainians, but can’t fix it in my head, zadalbyvat close with a question: «What have the Ukrainians?» – you have a fixation amnesia, which does not lock in current events.


It seems that yesterday you gave it to a homeless man 50 cents, and today it is possible not to give? This is a false memory, you greedy, filthy whore, but still with the main disorder. And the woman from the club you have nothing. You’re just scared to approach her. Here your brain and wishful thinking.


If you remember I participated in the races «Formula 1», and then bathed with adorable twins in a Jacuzzi filled with champagne, you have cryptomnesia. You were dreaming. You’re a simple plumber, living with mother, fat wife and debts. It’s all about memories. But they will brighten your life. Oh, how to do!


No motives, desires. Are you indifferent, inactive ameba.


I want to conquer Poland? All day marching around the house shouting bellicose cries? Force children to play dodgeball? Anyway, feel increasing volitional activity, enhancement motives and desires? Congratulations, it’s not just hyperactivity is a disease!


There is actually no laughing matter. When, in consequence of problems with the brain, you can’t move neither hands nor feet is akinesia.


If you believe the popular rumor that the stupor occasionally suffers every second inhabitant of the country. And some politicians from this state do not go. While many will attribute to them all of the above conditions. In fact, this name is a very unpleasant disease with terrible symptoms: complete paralysis, the impossibility of movement, even with persistent motivation from outside, accompanied by increased muscle tone, a refusal of speech, absence of reaction to painful stimulation, inconvenience and danger.


Aggression in its purest form. Often occurs on the basis of the fashionable among creative youth self-flagellation, depression, despair. And if the background of the emotions you’re imagining things, that stage is far advanced. It only gets worse. Tantrums are a common occurrence. Sick like drama actor that plays in modern production of methane from corner to corner, predicts a quick end in the best traditions of Greek tragedy, and in the end it comes to suicide.

It turns out this is a set of delusions, apathy and depression. Although they are separate and not particularly pleasant.

Disorders of the instincts

Did you know that anorexia, bulimia, polydipsia (unquenchable thirst), etc. relate to mental disorders?

To the frustration of inclinations will take is known kleptomania and Pyromania, he had suffered the noble arsonist Nero. Anyway, if you’re impulsive and sometimes feel an uncontrollable desire for someone or something, you’re sick, man! Impulsive actions and impulsive attraction that occur suddenly, without the control of consciousness, as a rule, the deep disorder of mental activity the actions adjusted to no good.

Interrupted speech

Used almost every, when the idea was sealed and could not get out. Like in my head everything went smoothly, and I was about to hit the eloquence of colleagues, and here is the problem. Sadly, this disorder.

The paralogs

If the question: «When the diploma is going to cook?» – are you seriously answer that Lenin was so young, and the young in October ahead, and indeed, say the wrong thing – run to the madhouse.


The authors of many other magazines suffer from this disease. But not Simple language, dressed in a grammatically correct sentence – it’s not our Forte.


«Suck Mare, Chariton wand Serge» or any other random set of words is called incoherencies.

Symbolic speech

Giving the words a special, driven only to the patient sense. You think, what you say mysteriously, as the old Wagon from Fort Bayard? And you both just crazy.


Create your own language code, use your own words – neologisms. It turns out the old Tolkien was not a genius, as a regular guest of the madhouse?


A perfect example:


If you notice that you uncontrollably start to repeat what somebody has said.

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