The Swede tried to have sex with a wasp nest!


So, dude, today we have the news, the characters are just worthy of the Darwin award. I can confidently say that the last words of the Swede was: «Give me sweet, sweet honey!» Again, this is disgusting!

35-year-old man, who figures in the Swedish news under the name of Hasse tried to have sex with a wasp nest which he found on his farm. What is the result? And what result did you expect? Fifty-four bite on the genitals of one hundred and forty-six common bites all over the body. When the body Hasse has been found, it most resembled the carcass of a small whale. Neighbor Hasse, who called the police, was in shock. Fingerprints on a hornet’s nest, dead wasps everywhere and the traces of… ahem… product of love 35-year-old strange farmer clearly show that he did.

But one thing pleases: he mypills yourself. And it’s good!

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