The sudden start of the largest corporations

manygoodtips.com_12.03.2015_PAwO0YeeCw36cEvery organization needs to grow, otherwise it risks being irrelevant. Basically this means that the user agrees to update computer systems or logo that will look a little less phallic than the old one. But digging deeper, we can find a rather bizarre and unexpected past. For example, in such large organizations as the…

1. Women’s magazine «Cosmopolitan»

manygoodtips.com_12.03.2015_8AvR7VTASpTXAToday, Cosmopolitan is a magazine designed exclusively for women. The bright colourful cover hides a wonderful world where anyone can learn «a Hundred ways to get him under heel» or «How to use blow job to get him to buy the car.»


The journal’s story has its origins in 1886, and for a long time, his target audience was conservative family. Imagine that once upon a time edition, promotes a lifestyle of Kim Kardashian and instructive on how to download the muscles of the vagina, tell readers about good old family values. Cosmopolitan was a real family magazine that, in principle, meant that he intended for men. Of course, sometimes it appeared smaller sections for women, the essence of articles which boiled down to «how to shut up and listen to husband» or «Hey, why aren’t you in the kitchen?!». In the end, the Cosmopolitan turned into a literary magazine, which published his stories, Rudyard Kipling and Hg wells and none of the history was not a word about how to make a quality Blowjob.


The magazine was popular with the conservatives until the beginning of the 20th century. The reader has become more sophisticated, and the publication began to look for ways to flinch. For better or for worse, but «Cosmopolitan» has found its niche, when the reins were transferred to the new editor, Helen Gurley brown, in the ‘ 60s. that’s when the pages disappeared the literary works of famous authors, but there are articles about how we can fuck each other efficiently and correctly.

2. The Shell, the Corporation «Shell» controls most of the world’s oil reserves and, therefore, a huge part of the world. But once it all started innocently enough.


The company’s founder Marcus Samuel made a living importing turtles from the Far East that people used to decorate their houses. Imagine the trinkets that hang you have on the doors in the toilet or lie on a shelf near the sink, lay the basis for mega organizations. After Marcus Samuel retired, he handed the business to his son, Sam. Sam and his brother, Marcus, Jr., decided that investing in oil is a more promising case, well, everything else is just a boring story of business and a resounding success.


3. The secret service is firmly drummed into our heads the image of the representative of the U.S. secret service: dark type with a strong chin, and simply an expensive suit and sunglasses. This noble warrior of our time willing to take a bullet for the President and members of his family. But it was not always so.


When Lincoln was President, each state had its own currency. And the Federal government was incredibly difficult to keep track of where and what money was in circulation and, more importantly, not fake. By the way, during the Civil war, about one third of all circulating money was fake. Then the President decided to create a team of specially trained people, whose task was to control illegal monetary transactions.

In principle, these people coped well with their work, but after the murder of two presidents who, at last, I thought, perhaps, you need a team of people trained to protect the head of state? In 1901 Congress had implemented this idea, and the agents reluctantly agreed, but on condition that on them no one will laugh if they will be wearing sunglasses indoors.

4. Stock markets

manygoodtips.com_12.03.2015_UdcSNisJm5liLStock exchange is the logical endgame of capitalism, where the rich score of the trade imaginary money, and the poor fried eggs and coffee is served in a lousy diner, just to survive. And it is hard to imagine that these worlds were once common ground.


When coffee first came to Europe, he was an unavailable luxury, so coffeehouses became gathering place of the rich businessmen who discussed their Affairs and problems over a Cup of fragrant drink. Once stock traders have been expelled from the Royal exchange in 1697, coffee house sheltered in the walls of all lovers to talk about trading futures and stocks. For example, one popular London coffee shop, known as «Jonathan», unwittingly became the home of the stock exchange.


5. Ku Klux Klan

manygoodtips.com_12.03.2015_TFYUAkuRHOBSjFew people do not know about this world-famous racist movement, greatly exaggerating the intimidation factor.


Membership in the Ku Klux Klan has a hierarchy of ranks, each sillier than the previous one. The leader of the faction known as the Grand Master, followed by the Guards, Sentinels, Hydra and Goblins. Founded at the end of the Civil war, the KKK was a six former Confederate officers, who were drunk to pig squeal, pulled over a white cloth and dissected their horses across the Tennessee, perhaps like a Ghost or a pajama party that got out of control.


Ordinary people were horrified at the sight of this Orgy, then as marginal, on the contrary, decided to join this new trend. New members of the group, as the selection was terrible racists, and using the fact that they are already afraid, decided to identify the key themes of these races. For instance, to intimidate the African-American population. However, as we know, this quickly ceased to be a prank, later turned into lynchings, torture and mass murder.

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