The students went on a trip with a sofa

Several American students went on an extraordinary journey to the USA. Before heading out on the road, they bought a cheap sofa and took it with him. The length of their trip amounted to almost 29,000 miles. They left Vermont and ended up in Massachusetts.

A young company outfitted the car with everything needed and picked up a sofa. They traveled to North America for four months. The trip was not in vain: students want to see the true beauty of their homeland, and they managed to fulfill its mission. However, they still managed to become famous all over the world.

Friends decided to create a series of photos on the couch. They pulled out a sofa at each stop and did a joint memorable photo. But all this is not imaginary glory on the Internet. The fact that recently one of my friends had surgery on my back and the sofa carried it for him. In the end we got a great set of photos.

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