The struggle for women: for those who are tired of being second

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2014_OH2pVZDwwiURcOur problem is that our society lacks leaders. The slave herds, leading — only units. They are «excellent» job with his role, but could make room, giving way to the dudes who are tired to be on the sidelines. Beta — a far more numerous category than the alpha so it was, is and always will be. You will be much better, when the existing way of things you’re going to have a privileged position — that is to say, at the top of the food chain. Nice moment: all this fuss with the letters of the Greek alphabet is valid on women: how else in nature is determined by an alpha male? For those who are tired to be the right hand, second and beta, are assigned to our current advice.

1. To fight for the woman is a stereotype

This whole concept of struggle for women’s attention has nothing to do with how to meet women. He is directly associated with the damage to his reputation: such a fight will make you look like a complete fool. If a woman does not respond to you within a reasonable amount of time, lift up from the earth, eggs that are laid at her feet, and go. If you want to win a woman, then learn rightly to understand the war:

Know yourself and improve yourself.

Improve technique and tactics.

When it comes to fighting, great tactics and technique means knowing when, where and how to Express themselves, to apply their skills and to achieve maximum effect. It also means always to do the right thing. It’s simple: if you don’t have time to do it right, do you have time to bring the case to the end? These two rules, your new moral code.

2. Stop to sit in the friend zone

When a woman begins to tell you that you’re good or, indeed, the only friend look into her eyes and quietly, gently, but do not require objections by the tone of the statement: «I’m not your friend. Friends do things for each other just like that. And I’m not alone. I need something. I want you.»

The men stay in the friend zone because they allow women to treat themselves accordingly. Don’t let it.

You need to realize that in your hands is concentrated the power. She wants one. She wants security, not imposing on itself any obligations — at least, society had taught her that with friends, everything happens so. She wants the guy, but only halfway, so she could leave him at any moment and it is not condemned. Don’t let her. If she does not agree — take the eggs and go home.

3. Nobody can’t control you, unless you allow

The Council has no direct relationship to women, but nonetheless important. A friend trying to manipulate men to varying degrees. This is bad, but that’s not the end of the world. The majority of women do not even realize that are manipulated: the fact that the corresponding behavioural diagram is too deeply integrated into our society. You can resist if he so desires. And you can’t give in — if it doesn’t suit you. Just understand: it’s your own choice. Learn to say «no». Don’t let her be the man in the relationship.

4. Women are often surrounded by bet — but that’s no reason to compete

Do something to attract her attention, and then lay low. Repeat, if necessary. If you’re trying to stand out the fact that you’re such a knight in shining armor that you fight tooth and nail for it, it is necessary to change tactics. It’s not joust is a guerrilla. Your choice — quick, lightning-fast, effective attack, and then have to flee from the battlefield. I don’t care how many fools continue to fight for him. The only man she thinks is the one who pays no attention to her. Sad but true.

5. Enough desperate for sex

You should not be in this case. The output from the previous advice: most women wonder when is not interesting to you.

Never feel guilty for what you like sex, and don’t apologize for it. Never apologize for wanting a particular woman. Don’t try to wear a mask. Open put your dick on the table (figuratively, of course) and ask if she wants it or not: or let him take or let out. Stop thinking about what they say about you losers who are never going to be first. The more they try to smear you, the better you look the part. Bad thank you only on hand — take it. Any warning against you actually of free publicity, but bad publicity does not happen.

Never apologize for your desires and preferences. Any consistent and solid. If you’re worried, will get you this time or not, women can see fine from the side. Always talk to the girls just as girls, not as out of a vagina on legs — and the result will not keep itself waiting. Why? Because women immediately want to keep you to deal. Do not give in.

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