The strangest weapon of mankind

The strangest weapon of mankind

From the moment man first time I picked up a stone and a stick to fend off the infamous wolves and other predatory animals, it is possible to read out the history of the weapon. Some weapons got massive distribution around the world and not surprising, while some samples did not go beyond a certain state, absorbed the specifics of the country of origin, and eventually turned into a Museum exhibit amazing adaptations. Strange weapons very much, and that’s only part of it.


This name sounds like the attempts of a drunken man to utter the f-word, but the media — a terrible weapon whose appearance makes little to shrink to the size of the eye of the needle. In that moment, when this crap is rushing to the body, the unfortunate thinks only about one thing: why is it not a sword, why is it clawed like a bear’s foot, stick? So it looks like a hand or paw with large claws screwed to the shaft. And translated word according to the appearance: «joy» — «to tear claws».

Masters of this weapon in Ancient China, many disliked, because its primary purpose was not to kill, but to gnaw enemies to torture, forcing them to suffer in excruciating agony. Our equipment coped perfectly well, perfectly ripping out chunks of flesh, shattering the bone and demoralizing the enemy. And thanks to the long handle of the gun was even feared mounted warriors.


It is a wooden stick that does not exceed the length of the average… well, stick length 10 to 15 centimeters and 3 centimeters in diameter. Yawara obkladyvaetsja fingers, and the ends appear on both sides of the fist. Thus primitive brass knuckles, which increases the effect of a stroke. But the caveat is that yawara is not intended for fighting — it serves to pinpoint strikes ends the ends, mainly in the centers of nerve fibers, tendons, and ligaments. So this weapon is not for everyone, but only to experienced craftsmen. In the hands of an Amateur it would be as effective as a spoon in the hands of a child.

The very appearance of javara in Japanese culture explain two versions. One of them, Japanese fist is like a symbol of faith, which was an attribute of the Buddhist monks — vigra. It is a small shaft, reminiscent of a lightning bolt, which the monks used not only for ritual purposes, but also as a weapon, as they had to have it. The second version is the most plausible. It yawara is a normal pestle, used for pounding grains and other dirty tricks. But who is smart enough to beat the pistil of people — is not known.


In the hands of a ninja hammer and sickle without a star. How touching it: the hammer and sickle without a star, one strike and you’re chipped and broken, and everything goes according to plan. If Yegor Letov was Japanese, then surely he would sing something about the strange weapons of the Rising Sun — kusarigama. This is a traditional Japanese weapon consisting of a sickle (Kama) and the chain (kusari), which connects it with the striking weight (fundo). Attaching the chain to the sickle varies from the end of the handle to the base of the blade of the Kama.

Kusarigama is considered to be a medieval invention of the ninja, and its prototype was an ordinary agricultural sickle that peasants were gathering the harvest, and soldiers during the campaigns of murder your way through the tall grass and other vegetation.

But there is a more plausible theory, according to which the emergence of a kusarigama due to the need to conceal the weapon without causing suspicion items, in this case farm implements.

The ping

The ping looks like a Decepticon cartilage or detail of a more primitive mechanism, but in fact it is deadly throwing knife, which was used by experienced warriors of the tribe Azanda. The tribe that lived in Nubia is a region in the African heat, covered the North and South of Sudan and Egypt.

By itself, the 55-inch knife had a 3 blade with the base in the center. Closest to the handle of the blade had the shape of men’s genitals, and represented the masculine power of its owner. The design of blades kingi increased the chances as much as possible to hurt the enemy on contact. When the owner of the knife got married, he presented the ping as a gift to the family of his future wife. What are you giving to your wife, except the right to push you around as you like?


The non-Asian country Asian (talking about India) has created a weapon that could only exist in cartoons or very sick historical films. The cunning descendants of Shiva steel has generated a two-edged sword, the main feature of which was its flexibility and impressive length. In some cases, the length of such a sword could reach six meters, although the standard can be considered as half a meter. Previously, these swords were worn by the killer because they can easily hide it under a shirt without arousing suspicion. Wrapped around the belt and go kill all whom the soul asks.

Only here to deal with urumi not everyone here needed years of training. It can work as a normal whip, and sword, and, moreover, can have more than one band, but several, making it a powerful and very dangerous weapon in the hands of a true master.

The only negative — it is absolutely impossible to put blocks. But if the reaction speed is great, it doesn’t need to.

Takakage, suco

Asians has a special fetish for claws. They can not find one device in the form of claws, fastened on the outer side (techokami) or inner side (Takagi, suco) the palm of the hand. In fact, the method of mounting depended on the name. Only now are such things might have been in the Arsenal of the ninja.

Usually these claws are used in pairs in both hands. With their help it was possible not only to quickly climb up a tree or wall, hang on ceiling beam or crumble the clay wall, but with high efficiency to claw a few pounds of meat and organs with the hated enemy, and just as effective to pull out the sword or spear of the enemy’s hands.


Remember Xena that warrior Princess? Remember, she is constantly throwing deadly Hoop in your enemies? So he has a separate name — chakra. Threw the chakra and all, the client is ready.

The chakra is a flat metal ring on the outer edge honed. The diameter of the ring on the preserved specimens varies from 120 to 300 mm and over in width 10 to 40 mm, thickness 1 to 3.5 mm.

One way of throwing chakra was the unwinding of the ring on the forefinger, and then throw weapons at the enemy with a flick of the wrist. Is this method something from an Indian dance.

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