The strangest national stocks in different countries. Part I

The strangest national stocks in different countries. Part I

In addition to the usual Philistine ear oil reserves and gold, different countries keep strategic reserves of stuff. They don’t always make sense, but do not throw away, right? Sometimes you will see what I collect in the world, and think: «gone mad».

Maple syrup

As you know, North Americans flop maple syrup on their pancakes. But the Russian man in the head could not come that Canadians so love their sticky liquid, will create a Global Strategic reserve of maple syrup. After all, we are not stocking up on kvass or birch SAP. But, apparently, in the Federation of Quebec maple syrup producers running their marketing cooperative, like OPEC. This Federation, like the Albanian mafia under their control is kept 75% of the world syrup market, which is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Producers who don’t cooperate with «syrup king», often in semi-legal status. In an interview with «al Jazeera America», a small Quebec manufacturer told about what happened in his family business: «the Agent who came to capture our syrup, threatened trouble if we enter into the Association.»

But they control everything: production, marketing, logistics, holding sales in the United States, Australia, France and Germany. Their goal is to replace syrup with honey and white sugar. Most often referred to as the mafia. In Canada even the joke that it is time to make a film about the kidnapping of syrup deposits, and for good reason. Between 2011 and 2012, thieves stole about 60% of the provision, which cost about $18 million at the time. In the end, they were detained, and the stolen syrup was returned. That’s crazy things happening in peaceful Canada.


Back in 90s, a Chinese citizen ate very little meat, less than 3 kilograms per year. Now simple Chinese began to live better, his face growing by leaps and bounds, and nourish the rapid growth of pork that it consumes up to 40 kg annually. But a large part of Chinese history pork is considered a delicacy, eaten only on major holidays. Them more often sacrificed than in their own stomachs. The need for pork care the Chinese Communist party. The Chinese eat so much «chrystine» that if you raise her prices, the prices for other products will also rise. Accordingly, the Communist party, it is important to make pork available product, to ensure the stability of the economy.

But here’s the thing, in 2007, about 45 million Chinese pigs have died from the so-called disease «blue ear.» Pork prices immediately soared, and the annual consumer price index (which in China is also called the «year pig price index») broke the record for 10 years. Consumers started to panic, several people were injured in the crush and queues. The volume of imports increased twice.

In response, the ruling party has created the world’s first pork reserve – partly live and partly in frozen form. When prices are too low, the government is buying pork when the price is too high, the government sells pork.

I must say that Chinese pork madness scare the world community. China cannot produce enough feed for the pigs, so the country imports large amounts of grain and soybeans. Brazil and Argentina have cut down thousands of hectares of rainforest to grow soy pig. Asian feed the pigs much better than to keep their fauna and the global ecosystem. So expensive the world do the Chinese hog.


For most of us, helium is a purely clown the gas which is pumped balls, and from which your voice is disgusting, as Alena Piskun. So what is so famous for the second largest volume of gas in the Universe that Americans are stocking up on them to such an extent? The fact is that the Federal helium reserve was created in 1921 as a way to store helium for airships, which were used as military equipment. By the way, the spires of new York skyscrapers were built to you could tie a Zeppelin. But over time, interest in airships verse, they have ceased to use any service at all, and the program was covered. But to take the helium in Texas have not stopped. As of 2013 there were about 11 billion cubic feet.

Helium has unique qualities that provide it with high demand. It is an excellent coolant that remains liquid until the temperature of absolute zero. He doesn’t explode like hydrogen. It also possesses inert properties that are useful in arc welding. Helium is used in computer chips, fiber optic cables, MRI machines, aerospace technology and for scientific research. Prices it is not a word. But to produce helium is difficult, and therefore the prices on this gas in recent years greatly increase, respectively, the areas in which it is used, also very expensive. Therefore, more storage to support the market, promised to sell off its remains until the store closes. Scientists promised to create a method whereby gas can produce a more simple way. Who will keep the word – let’s wait and see.


Car manufacturers will not rivet machines in reserve in the hope that in 10 years, so they all fly the coop. But wine producers can. That’s done you fault, not sold, and what to do with it? Now, if you lived in the EU, the government would oblige you, illustrious winemaker, store the excess, creating a huge lake of wine. I don’t care what it costs the taxpayers about $1.7 billion a year. Most of these deposits the wine in France and Italy.

Chile, South Africa, Argentina make wine, which gradually captures the market with their price and quality. In response, the EU bought the grapes are of low quality for a «crisis distillation of the alcohol used for technical purposes and biofuels. Such a strange method it was planned to restore the balance, but alas. In the end, winemakers have gone to extremes – dug out of the vineyards.


As at the end of 2015, China had the largest stock of cotton at the level of about 10 million tons (or 40 percent of world reserves). No other country could match him, even Uzbekistan. The Chinese officials thought that such volumes will allow them to control the market. But it turns out that they are at the top of the mountain of cotton with cotton same loop around the neck. Still, cotton is not a nuclear stockpile and not even pork.

First, China accumulated cotton to keep prices low for raw materials for their textile mills. The inventory should also help the Chinese farmers. The government bought from the farmers cotton at regulated prices, which were often above market, to guarantee them a certain level of income. But keep all this cotton is quite expensive. In 2013, in order not to overdo it, the government made a reasonable pause. Instead, they now provide direct payments to their farmers at below market prices. But to get rid of the cotton is not obtained. They bought cotton at artificially high prices and, therefore, will automatically lose money when you sell it at the market price. What’s worse, they sell the cotton in a saturated market, so the price is obscenely low. But sad experience teaches anyone. This nonsense began to engage the Indians, who have the right to expect the same of cotton collapse.

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