The Story Of Starbucks

1. The history of the brand

The story began in 1971 when publicist Gordon Bowker, and two teachers, Jerry Baldwin and Zev Zigal, decided to spit on all the stereotypes, constraints, acute shortage of Finance, and bring his cherished dream to life, and each of them invested for 1350$, apparently, selling the shirt off and laid in pawn gold teeth to your grandmother, and plus, each took a loan for$ 5000 to open a small coffee shop which sold coffee beans own roasting.

First, visitors were not so many, so each of them, the founding fathers coffee brand paid great a time were the talk of the coffee, declaring odes of love to this drink, shared news, and discussed work, family, and stock exchange.

2. The history of the name

manygoodtips.com_15.08.2014_72JwB3qr1QS2KOne of the founders, writer Gordon Bowker, was an ardent fan of the famous novel «Moby dick.» Maybe he wanted to take away the laurels of Herman Melville in the same genre, or at leisure, leaving the harpoon on a whaling ship. So, in this novel, all the action happened on the whaling ship «Pequod», (cafe wanted to give this name, but the guys changed his mind in time), and the XO on the ship’s name was Starbuck. Therefore, the company liked the combination of the word «Starbo» (local old mine) and the name of your favorite character. The result is the name that we all know and with nothing to do.

3. Logo

Porada.kom.ua_15.08.2014_K0ylnA7S7Dkx4It was invented by the artist Terry Heckler, depicting a sea Siren, which is a metaphor for a distant and foreign land, whence come the coffee beans.

First, the virgin of the sea was captured with a fully Topless, but after a while, her outstanding charms covered with long hair. Because there drink coffee and talk, not stare at Boobs! (But in Seattle, the very first shop, showing off this, originally invented by the logo).

4. Dashing plot twist would have remained unnoticed this enterprise, in the vast distant of Seattle, if in 1982 the company came entrepreneur Howard Schultz, who, unable to cross the threshold, as I immediately began to gush forth with different ideas. Like, he was recently in Milan and all the famous coffeehouses serving prepared aromatic coffee in a beautiful Cup, have a network of several institutions and, consequently, considerable income. But the idea and enthusiasm of Mr. Schulz did not cause violent delight from the owners of the institution. They believed that with this approach, their store will lose all your raisins, and would run counter to their notions of tradition.

But Schultz could not be stopped, he opened his own coffee shop, and then bought Starbucks from the founders for $ 4 million. And interestingly, it has advised him of his good buddy bill gates, who was one of the first investors coffee brand.

Thanks to this stubborn son of a bitch, Howard Schultz, all instagram chipset can hike to the coffee shop and collect a bunch of likes, going to the popularity of this brand.

5. Coffee. Loaf. The atmosphere

manygoodtips.com_15.08.2014_829ky4xTvRm6jWe long to sing songs of praise to the speciality coffee served at Starbucks, and can’t argue with that, coffee is really very good. But the second important reason why people choose this coffee shop — the atmosphere of the institution. Come here to talk, relax or work, people to see and be seen. Comfortable chairs and sofas, a cosy fireplace, flowing lines of the scenery, the soft light and of course Wi-Fi.

According to Howard Schultz, he founded this business not for the slaves stomach stuffed their bellies, and to ensure that people have filled their souls with good emotions and feelings.

6. Responsible for the quality! Schultz was at the helm, he has kept the tradition of the company to buy coffee beans of the highest quality. In addition, Starbucks maintains its reputation for social responsibility. They are for the environment, they are for adult work, they are for fair trade!

7. What’s your first name?

Work.kom.ua_15.08.2014_CQEmKRvwHUiYhWhen it comes to your turn to receive a welcome drink, a charming Barista or bartender, spicy voice calling your name is written in marker on the glass. A trifle, but nice. Especially if you like some girl, you don’t bother finding out her name and immediately take the bull by the horns. People cling personal attitude of the brand, a sense of belonging to something greater, even so simple and polackova way. Sociability is the main criterion in the selection of employees in this institution. And even if you are a super Pro, and mix them ever since, both got out of diapers, you will not get if your smile is not conducive to a good mood and you can’t put two words together, communicating with the guest at the coffee shop.

A few facts:

manygoodtips.com_15.08.2014_gYyUyq0vDoQef1. Today Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse chain in the world.

2. The company is engaged in charity.

3. The front door of the coffee shop should always look on the southern or Eastern part.

4. The company is recognized as one of the best employers of the world.

5. The company uses its own technology for the production of powdered coffee, as rare varieties of grain was soon exhausted, and they simply could not provide. So, what kind of coffee you hadn’t bought, it is undoubtedly high quality, delicious, but a soluble product.

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