The story of a murderer: how not to kill a man

manygoodtips.com_14.01.2015_PXbJLydLucPXFDaily – the usual thing, but dangerous. You kind of grow up, find a favorite girlfriend and uninteresting work, drink with friends at the bar, what are you interested in and what is not. Lapel badge representative of the stronger sex is firmly stuck to your nature, discarding any doubt that you’re a real male. Life quietly goes on, but there is a suspicion, what not all so smoothly.

1. Are you faithful in all things

Of course, a freshly ironed shirt, good thoughts and no bad habits – it’s cool. Worse, when idealism and morality in actions become your obsession.

A real man – in the soul of the conqueror, inventor, conqueror of women’s hearts, but not the guy that lays handkerchiefs by the color of the eyes of your ex. Or Peter the great would establish St. Petersburg, if I knew how to remove the pendrive only using «safely remove hardware». Follow the rules useful, but in moderation.

2. Too much whining

On the street you peed on the neighbor’s dog, and instantly this news became public. In front of his friends, girlfriend, parents, random passers-by put you an oppressed victim of a dangerous pet; it is your right to dryness were ruthlessly discriminated against, not to mention the future costs of antidepressants, which still can’t save destroyed the mood to live.

What can you do, confusions happen all the time. Someone obratila with mud from head to toe a passing car, someone threw a lovely wife, and someone was bitten by a Chipmunk at the zoo. You can be upset and upset is not ashamed, but to tell everyone about their problems – the fate of a doormat. Quit your whining!

3. You all agree

Perhaps as a child you attended the circle of young conformist, but tomorrow you Wake up not in school, and at work. Sin is not to agree that this dress really suits her, and she – the ideal of your girlfriend. Another thing, when the problem is serious and directly relate to you, sometimes rudely and unexpectedly.

If you’re not crafty strategist waiting for the right moment to take over as Director of the company or to rewrite the apartment of his wife, then sadly left out of the agreement head is not your natural credo. Try often remove his male ego when there’s something serious. There may be a mistake in the receipt of payment of utility bills and is not a problem №1, but the news of the pay cut – an explicit call to which you should respond.

4. Love the new products

Of course, you’re an adult and decide how to waste their money. Laughing at a friend who once again ran at an incredible sale of shoes and stockings, look at yourself: where in your pocket, this flagship smartphone?

We used to think reasonable, but sometimes the craving for something new dooms us to stupid costs. In a year or less, a miracle of technology will be mundane useless thing you bought at exorbitant prices and even on credit. Perhaps the idea to buy a drill for the hair and it seemed odd, but the robot of a dog on the control panel is overkill. Learn not to succumb to provocations of its own. Open a Bank account will give you more confidence than a set of «Smart home» for $99.99.

5. Your grandma is stronger than you

It’s nice that your IQ is above average, the work is not badly paid, have the best friends and the third the size of a beloved friend, very positive. Confidence that everything turned out well, firmly stuck in the thoughts. Have you stopped enjoying the beauty of his life.

After a time, the joy turned into a sweet heart routine, and abs merged into one big ball. Energy appears only with the caffeine, but the shortness of breath immediately after overcoming the third floor stairwell. In the mirror you used to see myself as a tough male, refusing to admit that its sudden transformation into zadohlika.

If you’re a man, the exercise needs to be in your life along with your career, personal life and favorite hobby. This is an iron rule. Drop your ridiculous reasoning avid intellectual: it is important to upgrade not only the brain but also the body. Of course, you’ll be able to come up with an original solution to open the jar of pickles, not putting effort, but much better – roughly to turn it inside out, playing muscles and seducing his girlfriend.

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