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On our website often there are stories about strange thieves who do stupid things. This dude is part of the Golden Troika of idiots and thieves who place in the Chamber of weights and measures.

William «Billy» Cantrell once climbed into his neighbour’s house in the County of East Nashville. A little sway of someone else’s house, Billy noticed a suspicious box with some powder inside. Like any dumb junkie, Cantrell seems to have been sure that any powder you can use only one appointment.

Capturing Xbox, some cash and a box, 28-year-old man went to the home where he lived with his mother. The man of the house, fairly drunk, opened the box, unrolled the carpet, until he noticed a suspicious sign on the side, where he listed the date of birth, death and name of… Women.

However, surprised Billy did not have time the door of his house has already knocked the police. Dude is facing a sentence for burglary and robbery. Jerk!

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