The story about the bridge, who all want to rename


What we learned from the recent scandal about the appropriation of the bridge across the Duderhof canal behalf of the President of the Chechen Republic Akhmad Kadyrov? For example, there is such an uninteresting, ugly, but a modern bridge in St. Petersburg. Unfortunately, it is not mapped, it is certainly a minus.

Learned that there is such a body as the toponymic Commission, and that he engaged in such nonsense.

And we have realized a simple truth: if you want to distract people from the real urgent problems – name the street name is ambiguous for many of hero of Russia. So we decided to escape from low wages and high prices and in its own to participate in this hype.

You can treat this issue as anyone, to be agree or disagree. We do not provoke, we only offer the tie options. After all, if you rename it, then you need to find a worthy replacement.


The rally has already proposed to rename the bridge in honor of Akhmatova, and there are many reasons. Anna A. may was born in Odessa, but for many years gave Peter. In fact, all the significant events of her life happened here: the birth of a child, and the beginning of the war, and publications. Despite the life of a nomad, Peter became the main city in her life. And if the toponymic Commission like the new name, Akhmatova must satisfy them. Because Akhmatova. And so it is necessary to write dedicated the first five letters.

Bridge Balabanov

So, the Director has created you, dear St. Petersburg, the image of Danila Bagrov, whom you are violently fond, and you don’t want to see the bridge named after him? «You’re not my brother, NIT», said Daniel. Similar thoughts were protesters.


A native of Yekaterinburg, he made two films in gray-yellow entourage «Brother» and «About freaks and people». The last years Alexey Oktyabrenok also held in the city on the Neva. And in an era when inheritance Balabanov cashing in, collecting old rockers and forcing them to sing songs from «Brother» (by the way, group «Bi-2» without Balabanov wide audience could not hear).

Maybe to resolve the dispute, giving him the name of a good Director? Among the protesters because someone was screaming about Bagrov.

Bridge Brodsky


Brodsky’s a lot of photos where he’s on the bridge. Loved the poet bridges, and young people like Brodsky. Joseph Brodsky is a native of St. Petersburg, and everything from the first steps in life before the first steps in literature, he made here. Leningrad was his home until the emigration, in the end, the man lived through this most terrible period in its history – the siege and destruction of the war. He is called «Leningrad» could not stand and wrote about it: «I, however, prefer to call him Peter, because I remember a time when he did not appear to Leningrad — immediately after the war.»

That begs the question: why in honor of the man who goes out of the room, inspires young people and who loved bridges, can not be called cities? Brodsky thought progressive and modern, something with that similar a bridge.

Dovlatov cities

Sergei donatovich so loved by Petersburgers that they tirelessly screaming about the need to call the toponym name of a remarkable writer. Street, Avenue, square, or even alley, and from all this, only a commemorative plaque on the old shabby house where he once lived, drank and did, and with a little inappropriate sergeevym an image of a big-big nose.

Peter in his writings was not very much, but he Sergei Dovlatov is the epitome of misguided, stubborn, wise, and neglected St. Petersburg pseudo-intellectual mentality. Need something to call it, is very necessary.

The Name Of Viktor Tsoy


Fans of Russian rock and all those who like to listen to the music groups The Smiths and The SIG accompanied by the Russian vocals, has long urged the government to call anything by the name of Victor Tsoi. The street the alley is also, Boulevard right was not. Its walls, as in Moscow, they do not. And Peter is the hometown of the musician. Reassure fans name the name of the legend cities, just don’t let the «Icarus» to travel on it.

Bridge Lenin

Even 30 years ago it was a way out of any situation. What the hamlet of Lenin in every area, the street in every village. And while in some countries, Lenin knocked from the pedestal, the other in his honor called everything and more.

Duderhof cities

But seriously now. Bridge laid across the Duderhof canal. Well name: Duderhof cities. His Imperial Majesty, if it lives, instantly would have approved of this idea. And to spit that there are a lot of bridges, through the same Strait. It is so in petreski to call something German name.

Cities Of Heroes

This files most often out of the mouth of Petrograd sounds like a proposal to rename the bridge of Cities-Heroes, because it is a simple continuation of the Heroes ‘ Square. Really, why take the cities separately taken hero of Russia, when you can call names all at once heroes and no steam.

Sounded talk, they say that they will feel the veterans of the first Chechen war, passing over the bridge. To raise their morale can be called a bridge by the name of General trosheva who took Grozny twice. By the way, in the capital of Chechnya there is a street with his name.

You can delve into a story and call it the name of the hero of the Caucasian war under General Yermolov, whose name was used to frighten children. Here’s a harsh was a man, a real soldier.

Prokudin-Gorsky cities


Sergey Mikhaylovich Prokudin-Gorsky made an invaluable contribution to the development of photography and cinema. Russian pioneer of color photography in our country a large not popular, and tourists will make selfi on the bridge, not thinking about the huge contribution of Prokudin-Gorsky. In St. Petersburg he spent many years of his life, and with all this, nowhere is there even a memorial plaque with his name.

The Bridge Of Mahmud Esambaev

Want to strengthen the friendship with the Caucasus? Let choose a less provocative figure. The same Chechen Mahmud Esambaev, not provocative and deserved. Or other heroes of Russia, veterans of the great Patriotic war Umarov and Usheva. To Peter they are irrelevant, but… those who do Caucasians have to do with it!?

Folk heroes

In fact, «Smeshariki» more impressed the number of Petersburgers than Kadyrov. Even despite that, croche, Nyusha and Kopatych sometimes behave very doubtful.

For the sake of.Yak.ua_8.06.2016_pL0M6Zp5i57o6

Among smesharikov there are German Pin – penguin-inventor, engineer, German by birth. How can you not call the St. Petersburg bridge in honor of engineer, and even the Germans!? Or, in honor of the intellectual Moose. A very worthy character, a typical intellectual, prone to tedious moralizing and outright bragging.

The ability to teach good, and if you don’t like the Twins, Savenew and Kar-Karych, tell, please, as you do, the earth is. Besides, the colors of the game repeat the color of the Leningrad people’s beverage Blazer.

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