The stone, which the family propped the door, was a long-time meteorite

So live and live in the state of Tennessee a regular old farmer, so good live, and around you lies an ancient meteorite.

Family of Lewis have long suspected that their door-stop is not all right, pulled them to him one day the metal detector, and he started going wild and making strange noises. Well, the head of the family, without thinking, pulled a 15-pound stone to the Institute.

Suddenly it turned out that the pavement nearly 4. 5 billion years, it came from outer space and perhaps is a fragment of a known meteorite that was discovered in Taswell in 1853.

According to the head of the Department of physics and astronomy at Eastern Kentucky University Jerry cook, a meteorite is stuck in the coffers of the Institute, and it will be on display. Even children can touch a fragment of space.


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