The steeper single mothers

relationship with a single motherWe have already written to you about the idea of a relationship with a single mother. Such difficult to resolve, especially if you only recently turned twenty-and you, as parents say, whole life ahead of you. And who said you always need to do as parents say? Single mothers — what the doctor ordered, because…

They are serious about contraception

Ahaha, she’s already knocked up one day! And it was not easy. You know who never forgets about condoms?

Here’s someone who will not rush

She doesn’t have a lot of time to all your thoughts to keep you going and make your relationship from the first day their top priority. You will have a lot of personal time and space, even if it will be to you sincere feelings. If between work, friends, sleep and the baby she finds the whole night in the week to dedicate it to you, it means a lot. You’ll have time to examine your feelings and decide before you move in with her. She’s not going to rush you, demand from you more time and always wanting more. Not romantic, but comfortable and honest.

Her bag is like a survival kit

Whatever you need, it’s all there. She is ready for any difficulties.

In bed she’s hot

We can all agree that the main quality in sex is confidence and openness, and single mothers, and both a hundred times more than any girl without children. Think: this lady saw how her body was SUCH that I am afraid to even imagine. How can you not be sure? It is much better to understand your physical abilities.

They know how relationships work

She could be a mother in a million other ways. Rather, it is a lot taught her, she began to better understand the relationship and the reasons for their collapse. When a person has a child, he is much more aware of links between people and in a healthy relationship, he is generous, he is ready to liability, it is flexible and is willing to make concessions. Her life is already the man she can’t break up, — this fact alone had to straighten out her brain.

If you have a question, meet a single mother or not, think about all the things from the previous paragraph. These things are important to observant and conscious guys who want to challenge themselves, continue to grow and become better. If you’re one of those, then don’t. Go to her.

She understands the boundaries

Inexperienced girls are very often scored on the existence of these borders. They can direct all their energy in the latter-day dude, neglected friends, send parents to score in the study — all this in order to have more time to devote to the relationship. As a result of what? «I have wasted on you all the time, and you». «You love me less than I you.» A familiar song. At single mothers is different. They diligently and persistently share their relationship and child, as long as the relationship will not become serious enough and reliable. She won’t pull you to him the next day to introduce you to, because if you slip away, how will she explain small dude, who once again lose a loved one?

She is not looking for child new Pope

Her baby already has a father, it is not enough. She somehow coped with my life without you? Could handle and then she’s not manna from heaven, though sometimes it is nice to think so. She doesn’t matter how much it is in your life because you’re not the main man in her life. You’re not a dad, but just a normal dude in a life of this little prick. No hurry to harness you visas and faster for you to plow.

They know how to be selfless

This, of course, does not mean that it will always give up everything for you, but there’s a chance that she is able to push their interests for somebody else — and that is a rarity these days. And a nice bonus: they know the proper moments for the manifestation of this selflessness.

They better understand what they want

Not to say that she was painted ten years, and now she strictly adheres to the plan and never doing anything. She like no other knows how much can change plans, and is able to cope with unexpected difficulties, without loss of dignity. Shit happened once, it will be many more times, and you will have to resolve — she knows that. Since she has a child, she had to say goodbye to his own childhood and to purpose in life. Unless you don’t want it?

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