The statue struck the man because he annoyed her

the statue smash1206980734

Sometimes tourists are too annoying. Too! Even the statues hate them, and they don’t care about the different economic parameters of tourism.

This obsession with the Joker from the Australian resort town will think twice before next time you want to draw attention to his person. The man in the purple shirt poked the moving statue of the cowboy in the face, attracting the attention of crowds of tourists. Good sense of humor and a moron! And he waited for the punishment for their sins — the «statue» has hit with full force the bully right in the «tower».

It happened only after the man in the shirt tried to wipe my fingers on my face «statues» who were at the dude in the mouth. It seems that this was the last straw. It is worth noting that, judging by the expressions on the faces of those present, they were all on the side of the guy in the purple shirt. Damn tourists!

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