The split for most beginners

manygoodtips.com_11.05.2015_sBTIQ6YEphd0DRecently to us in edition the reader is appealed, arguing that until the end of the year to do the splits. Like, shame to lose a dispute, an urgent need to do the splits, give the methodology, if not difficult.

(We are very interested in what you have argued). We are not difficult, we’ll show you a fast and effective method. Sounds like we are not serious men’s magazine and the home shopping network or tobolskie charlatans… But it’s not. We really want to help you win in the dispute.

So, first stretching, except that increases self-esteem and is good-looking, extremely useful for health. The muscles of the legs, pelvis, lower back will thank you. And the blood shall be grateful to circulate between your masculine bodies.

It is important to note that not all people are equally well drawn. Someone enough to spread her legs, and twine it turns out by itself. And someone the same tendency to stretch, like logs. Well, in that case you have to stretch, stretch and stretch again. The men in this respect are less fortunate, the stretch is more than beautiful ladies.


So, of course, proper nutrition will give a small gesheft in this difficult case. No, no special diet, thank God, no. Jean-Claude van Damme so generally they are not sitting. It was the case when he refused meat, but not for stretch marks. But some products will still give a small plus.

First, don’t forget about calcium. Insufficient calcium intake may lead to stiffness of muscles and convulsions. And indeed the lack of calcium leads to all sorts of bad diseases. Therefore, cottage cheese, kefiric lotion – do not forget about them. 500 milligrams of calcium – the amount equivalent to two 250-gram cups of milk. It seems not too expensive and affordable.

The elasticity of the muscles affected by fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. This is a direct improvement of the pliability of muscle tissue. Regularly eat fatty fish, Flaxseed oil, nuts and eggs.

And, of course, don’t forget about the water. Muscle is 76% water. Dehydrated muscles can’t contract and relax properly. The result – a limited body flexibility, and sometimes convulsions. So drink about 2 litres of water a day. Before training and after. Much has been said about dirty tricks, which gives the dehydration. However, this does not mean that by drinking 4 liters of beer, you solve the problem rather aggravate existing. Well, use juicy fruits.

As for bans, that is, of course, salt is the worst enemy of flexibility of the joints. Moreover, it restrains the fluid in the body. To exclude completely from the diet is also stupid, and will not work, because salt contains almost any food.

And give attention to the cartilage, because the cartilage tissue needs vitamins C, E, A, B5, B6, copper and zinc. You can take vitamin complexes, and it is possible pounds to absorb citrus fruits, blueberries, cherries, blackberries, raspberries. Well, milk, spinach, carrots, nuts – particularly almonds, meat, seafood, legumes, leafy green vegetables, too.

However, if something of the above will be absent in your diet, it does not matter. The main thing – practice.



It is best to do stretching in the morning. There are a lot of advantages. First, the muscles more elastic, and secondly, cheer up before the new achievements.

First of all you need to limber up, to warm up, prepare the muscles for execution. As support can feel free to use squats, the rotation of the feet, RUB your feet – whatever. It will be just fine to use a jump rope or exercise bike. Immediately to break his mizunoe not necessary. Will be painful and useless.

So, are you warmed up? Start. Spend on all about all 30 minutes, at least in the first week. Then the duration of the exercise can be increased.


No. 1

Put your feet shoulder width apart, hands on hips. To perform bending to the right and to the left 12 times.

No. 2

To put feet on width of shoulders, hands on a belt – circular rotation of the torso: 8 times left, 8 times to the right.

No. 3

Put your feet shoulder width apart, hands behind your head – circular movement of pelvis: the left 8 times, right 8 times.

No. 4

Put your feet together, hands on knees – circular rotation of the knees: 8 times left, 8 times to the right. You know, if the problems with the knees, the stretch marks will not work.

No. 5

Bend forward with one leg, hands on belt – circular rotation of the bent knee leg: 8 times one leg, then 8 times the other.

No. 6

Put your feet together – forward tilt. Perform 12 springy movements.

No. 7

Put your feet shoulder width apart – lean forward. Perform 12 springy movements.

No. 8

Hover. Move the body weight on the right leg, the left pull to the side. Sit on the right and slowly, carefully roll on the left leg. Respectively 12 times.

No. 9

Deflections. Don’t know what to call it. Rear leg possibly keep straight, the front is strongly bent. Weight transfer to the front. Do squats 12 times on the leg. Possible, one will not be against.

No. 10

Sit on the floor, connect the legs together and perform 12 springy slopes forward.

No. 11

Sit on the floor and spread your straight legs to the side, do the springy slopes forward 12 times.

No. 12

Sit on floor, put feet together, then elbows legs out to the sides 16 times.

No. 13

It’s very simple. Put feet double width apart, squat down and stand in this position for a minute. Defended a minute? Clever! Now stand in the same position, raise the Lev arm up, right hand pulling forward on the shoulder level. And standing in this exotic pose, lean to the right. Then change hands and bend to the left. Try to stand in the slope for at least 30 seconds.

No. 14

Leg swings. They serve as to warm up the muscles and stretch the legs. Mahi forward 10 times, Mahi ago – 10 lateral swings 10 times. Try to get your leg higher, but don’t rock the body. Should be done at the expense of the legs. Gradually in the process of training the range of motion of the feet will become larger and will be able to raise it higher. Then bend the leg at the knee at an angle of 90 degrees and perform a series of lateral sweeps. And so with each leg.

No. 15

Sitting on the floor, leave one leg straight and the second bend at the knee and try to push back. Do tilt towards the straight leg. Then, strangely enough, to curved. And then switch legs.

There is another good exercise. If you are lucky and you are working on stretching one day, after all these manipulations take a friend, put him on his haunches and put his fragrant foot on his shoulder. Now for the hard part: I ask comrade to rise slowly until, until the pain becomes unbearable. Reached the limit? Ask a friend to stand still for a minute. Legs, respectively, are replaceable.

If the friend at hand was not, put foot on any hill.

By the way, get themselves in all ways, the more the better. Sat at the computer, stand on the string, wait 5 minutes. Let it not full as you can. Or exercise number 13 which is more effective than it may seem.

When you’re able to sit down on a twine, the first, just sit and rest, get ready, and then do the slopes. Even if between your junk and the floor is still a span of 10 centimeters, then keep doing exercises.

By the way, better to start with the horizontal, and finish the cross.

Enough to do these exercises every day, not too lazy, and stretch yourself in all sorts of ways, so that eventually, after a couple months, jump into the splits, just as Gazmanov in its best years.

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