The Spanish actress has been on «Oscar» thanks to Photoshop


32-year-old Spanish actress Anna Allen decided to go on the main film award of the world in a highly original way. For this she did not need to buy ticket to Los Angeles (especially her nobody name). Sleight of hand, Photoshop – and here it is on the red carpet!

The first deception was noticed by the fans of the stars. Just Anna have attached a picture of his head to another photo of the actress. However, as it turned out, this is not the first deception on the part of Mrs. Allen. Previously, she published a photo of the invitation Lupita actress Nyong’o for the Oscar, giving his own.

What is most interesting, after the ceremony, Anna right and left gave interviews to the Spanish media, telling how before the event, spoke with actor Neil Patrick Harris, who led the ceremony. That «told» Anna Mr. Harris, read Spanish publications.

However, Allen is very fond of such tricks. Before she switched the image of the actress summer Glau in the group portrait from the set of the TV series «the Big Bang Theory». Also she feels some sort of inexplicable attraction to the actress Sophie Bush, whose photos are constantly attached to their head.

This is a unique phenomenon. While other Actresses with the help of «Photoshop» adjust your appearance and remove the defects, Anna Allen just made a whole career based on the «magic» of editing. Here is how then to believe women!?


After the scandal Allen immediately deleted my account on Instagram, which was signed by 22 thousand people, but it did not helped. The pictures are already in the public domain, and Twitter account appeared, which immediately began to publish the photo of the Spanish actress. Her head already was in many scenes from famous movies, including «Titanic», and in the most unexpected situations. Now Allen became the most popular «meme» in the Spanish Kingdom. It remains to wait when this mod will overtake Russia and colorful collages will begin to appear with us.

Anna Allen was born in 1982 in Catalonia. During her acting career she starred in the TV series «Responders», «Central hospital», the films «the angel of Budapest» and «the Perfect summer».

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